vrijdag, maart 12

Hey baby hey baby hey

girls say, boys say.

(that song, well, that sentence, gets stuck in my head everytime I'm writing hi or hey to someone.. and then I want to type that sentence.. but then that might be a bit weird.)

I recorded anoooother video!

I think I promised to put a link to download the song here.. didn't I? Well.. I don't know.

Oh well won't just look at how flashy that image is. I'd say, click away!
Ohmigawd and another thing. I'm looking for people with a macbook/garageband. Because I want to record My Penis, and since (most of the time anyway) people start singing along with the chorus in the end. I would love for it if people would sing and record the chorus, and send it to me so I can use it in the song. And if you're like "yeah I would love to do that.. but I really can't sing.." SHUTTY! That dudn't matter at allllll.

Ahh I've been listening to The Chordettes the whole morning, well, whole morning, it's frigging 9:30 now, but anyway. You know the Lollipop song? And Mister Sandman? They did them too (or they're by them? I don't know) Anyway, I looove the fifties, especially the clothes/hair and the music. Pfff I'm uploading the My Penis garageband file to filedropper now.. and it's taking aaaaages.

Oh pff, I just can't get out of my chair.. I already had coffee, and I even slept like a baby this night.. but I'm more tired than I was yesterday. Not very satisfying. And I alsoo realllyyy neeed tooo practiiissee my songs.

Ooohyes it's finally ready!

Well won't you look at that. Another one of those flashy thingies!
It's .band, so if you don't have garageband I wouldn't bother downloading it.. and if you do have, and if you're up for it, please sing and record the (last 2) choruses. And mail them to me :D well.. okay.

Here's a pretty Chorettes song, to end this blog with.

Chi a ao. Xx

EDITTTTT. You can also still sing/record the chorus and send it to me even if you haven't got a macbook! As long as you can record/save it in a mp3 (or wav or aiff or aac) file with 44,1 kHz and 16 bits.

Pleaseplease do.
Oh and here's the mp3 version of My Penis then: http://www.filedropper.com/mypenis_1
So.. you could also just download it.. and don't record the chorus. But I would love it if you would :D

3 opmerkingen:

  1. awh, wat mooi. Jammer dat er nu niet meer zulke 'bandjes' bestaan.
    Trouwens, ligt het aan mij of lijkt die 2e van rechts een beetje op een van die zangeressen van Cocorosie?

  2. Ja hè (-: jaaa vind ik ook. Misschien moeten wij er een beginnen?
    Ik zie het niet zo, de gelijkenis :p maar nouja.. ja ook weer wel een beetje..

  3. Nee ja ze heeft er toch wel verdomd veel van weg inderdaad.. verdomd! :p