woensdag, augustus 31

Go back turn 'round

Well, I'm siting here with all my bags packed, ready to go back to Enschede. Tomorrow there's an official opening of the school, fetching our schedules for this year. Can't say I'm looking forward to being there, but I am looking forward to the classes, and it's better anyway, having the prospect of moving to a room with people.

I went to get the stitches out yesterday, and forgot to take a picture with the stitches, right now it doesn't look anything like letal at ALL anymore. The results will be there next week. So mental note to self: CALL don't forget to CALL.

Awwwwww I'm going to miss Jodokus (our cat in my dads house) soooo much. She's such a sweety and she's been lying next to me on the couch whenever I was there the whole holiday.. Aw she is such a sweety :( I wish I could take her with me.

Well, next time I'll write here I won't be in Friesland anymore. Enschede here I come!

Here's to another year of writing music and learning things. *raises mug with coffee* Woop.


ps. the image is a LAMP I looove it.

zaterdag, augustus 27

Thought of the day

No, actually, the thought of the day is "why didn't I think of that?!" No juz kiddin hahahehehehehehhuhuhuh.

Wise men say, if people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them. And that only fools rush in, of course. Those wise men say a LOT.

I'm off to my sister with my folks and one of my other sisters. I SHOWERED! FOR REAL! YEAH! I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M STIL USING CAPSLOCK!


vrijdag, augustus 26

Home is where the heart is

YES yes yes this one AGAIN! Because I have to giggle every time I see it.

The evening of the day before yesterday I got a message from a friend from school. He lives in a building real close by the building, with 2 other people (a guy from Sweden who don't know, and a girl also from our school, who I do know and get really along with). One of them would probably move out in the end of September, it wasn't sure yet, and I would hear about it somewhere in August.. I REALLY wanted to move, so you get my anguish and my lack of patient when it was already the 23th.. the 24th... and then I got a message on Facebook. Yes, there would be a room free at the end of September, 16m2 about 280 euros, a washing machine, shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen and livingroom. If I was still interested..
At first I was like, wahhh just sign me in! Since I have to notice my landlord a month in front, and I'm still in Friesland and won't be in Enschede til Wednesday. And then my dad said we could drive there, and so yesterday we did!

The room is a LOT bigger than I had expected thinking of 16m2, and it has windows and it's painted white with fake wood linoleum floor.. And as I told, only 2 minutes away from school and from the trainstation. Aahhhh I am so happy about this :D because I really couldn't take the loneliness in the room I have now.. I'm in a house all alone, there are people in the building during the day sometimes, but not people I can talk to (since it's a doctor practice) and brr it made me so miserable being there alone.. I couldn't stand the thought of being there another year.


Okay but ehmmmm first one month in the old room, packing small stuff I don't really need on a daily basis.. but I have to end my internet thingy.. which is always such a terrible thing, takes up a lot of expensive phone call-time.. and hopefully they'll stop writing off money from my bank account and stuff..
And there you have to give them a month notice too.. so.. probably I'll have to pay an extra month there. Ah well..

So, of course, prepare yourself for another omgrats post somewhere in the near future.
I'm not sure if I'll get them right away, or at all, because it's not so handy when I want to go away for the weekend or something.. but I well.. I'll just have to make a pre/con list :)

Well I think I'm done vomiting words for the moment.


donderdag, augustus 25

Another stone in the mosaic

I know places I can go away.

Aw Steve Jobs quit his job (well. yeah, sorry for that) I don't really care as to what happens with Apple for I'm not that of a fanboy, but it set me thinking about how this might feel for Stevie. I mean, he founded (co-founded, whatever) a company.. made it HUGE and now he has to quit (because of his health). While it's kind of his baby. I don't know if men think of things like it's their baby? I guess not. But well, you get what I'm trying to say.

I feel grosss, and I can't take a normal shower, because of the super massive black hole where the spot of bother once used to be.

"Yeah okay, and just don't take a shower for the next 3 days."
"O. ....... mmkey."

First world problems. I like pretending to be a total wuss. Of course I am somewhat of a wuss, or at least I always make myself believe it is so.

I finished Cat's Eye. I really loved it. It made me think about lots of things, made me a bit melancholy. I realized my thinking changes a little with every book I read, especially on the moment when I am reading a book; I start thinking, writing, seeing things the way the writer or the main character does. In this occasion that was really a nice experience, but I remember when I read I Never Promised You A Rose Garden my brain was happy when I finished it because since it's about a schizophrenic girl.. well.. you get it.
Anybody with me on this? Or does this mean I am finally ready for the looney bin?

I think deep down craziness if one of my biggest fears. Not being sane. Doubting if I might be really crazy though not really realizing it yet. Even though I have absolutely no reason to think this. Maybe that's it: We suffer the most from the suffering that we fear, to quote my grandfather once again.

Off to the half half shower. Work. And then to Enschede to look at another room! I hooooooope this will be nice, exciting!


ps. oh, the news just said Jobs now has another job. A slightly less .. important one or something I guess.

dinsdag, augustus 23

BARELY made it out alive

I nearly fainted afterwards though. Haha. No idea how that happened.
Indeed, nothing impressive, I was out in less than 30 minutes. And it took me 4 years to get there. I should totally learn a lesson out of this. But it's more probable I won't.

I've been singing this song for a few weeks now. Though, I only sang the 2nd "I'm alive" he sings. It's such a goohoohood line to sing, sosoooulful baby.

And though I was sure my life would flash before me eyes, the only uncontrollable thing happening was my arm falling asleep because I was leaning on it with my poofy head. Which made getting up of the table slightly awkward and clumsy. But since I've always been awkward and clumsy, nothing much new there neither.

How many blogs did I spent on writing about my spot of bother? Is this the turd? (huhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuh) the third I mean? .. Well even though I will probably complain in the following blogs about how nasty the pain is and all the blood and all the 22 (3) stitches. I promise I will not dedicate a whole blog to the complex relationship between me and my moles again.

Luts uf luf,

edit: an update. since I can't start writing a new blog only the exclaim: AAAGGOOONYYY THE AGGGOOOONYYYY. which would be a joke, but it would still be me breaking my promise. Poo poo pi doo.

I'm holding on tight, the waves are so high

Paper feathers (diydea?).

I will probably post twice today, since after my major operation I will be feeling so lucky to come out alive, I will change my life and write down my whole life-story since it is most likely to flash in front of my eyes about half past 4 this afternoon.

What does a moron say when he sees 3 holes next to each other in the ground?
well, well, well..

Well, it was out of Cat's Eye, so all hate mails towards Margaret Atwood. What? Of course she made this one up herself! geeezzzz.

I just made up another verse to my song inspired by feeling like the sea. Feels so good *takes on bodybuilders pose*.


ps. Why did the moron throw the clock out of the window?

maandag, augustus 22

A spot of bother

Mahahahahah ahhwwww ieehhh oeehhwww ahwwwwwww.

I once read the book A spot of bother, by Mark Haddon (who wrote the terribly funny as well as sad and in general nice book 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night-time' which is written from the perspective of a boy with autism trying to solve the murder of the neighbors dog), which I thought I would like and it was kind of a disappointment because I liked the other one so much I had 1) too high expectations and 2) it was just a suckier book.
It's about a man afraid of that his mole was a melanoma and a bad one (if they aren't bad anyway if they're called melanoma). I don't really know the rest of the book anymore which understates, I believe, the fact it was a sucky book (or maybe, a slippery one, since if it sucke.. Anne-Fleur way too lame joke stop it now).

Right, the point? I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow to remove one of those spots of bother (which I thought was the most brilliant part of the book, the way to describe a birthmark like that). Which isn't reeeaaallly a spot of bother, but 2 different drs once said I should maybe let it be cut out. So, FINALLY (since the 1st dr recommended me this about 4 years ago) I called last week to make an appointment for tomorrow.

So guess what I went and did this weekend? I got me a sunburn!! On my back/shoulder which is where the birthmark is.
I can already imagine all the comments that'll be made OOOMGMGMGMGMGMG a baby KITTY ON THE TELEVISIOOOHOOONNN ahhhwwww but well OGM NOOO IT WAS A DOG BUT STILL CUUUUTTTEEEE normally I really do take care, I use sun lotion, cover my skin up, hardly ever go outside in the daylight 'cause I'm a vampire anyway.

I'm a tad scared and excited (in a bad way) about tomorrow. Maybe just because I don't know what is going to happen and I hate it when I don't know how things are going to be and what is going to happen, and maybe also a bit because this spot of bother might actually be something bothering.
But well, I could also be hit by a car cycling my way to the doctor-centre. Or I could be killed by a family member. On christmas eve. (quote from the nice Mark Haddon book, it's a fact it's most likely, that might you get murdered, it will be a relative, and on Christmas eve.)

Fact: I tend to remember stupid useless facts, by accident, I don't repeat them trying to remember. I just do. And then I have to tell them to people if the subject minding the facts comes by.

Well, Catch me if you Can is on zhe telly. I saw inception yesterday so I might die of Leonardo DiCaprio overdose, or Tom Hanks (since I saw Forrest Gump last week)(It's monday-Tom-Hanks-day-month). But I always loved this movie. Every of the 8 or 10 times I saw it.


ps. what does a moron say when he says 3 holes next to each other in the ground?

zondag, augustus 21

A short blog if I am able to contain myself

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start
The tragedy starts from the very first spark
Losing your mind for the sake of your heart

It's Feist. With the song Let It Die. It is so perfect. It is so right, that I get a little sad listening to it. That I get a little angry not being the one who thought of is. That, instead of describing what the saddest is about love, about a broken heart, I wrote about how I love my plastic magic stick.

Slightly sarcastic pessimism. Almost a trademark.


zaterdag, augustus 20

I am bored where's the needle

dear lord I'm so bored I'm doing this blog on my piercings. Which I don't actually have.
I used to have my nose pierced. Stupid thing is, since my old pc died, I lost all those older pictures, and I don't have one single photo of me with my nose pierced, which is kind of a bummer. Maybe I should bring my pc to the pc-make-people-shop. But well, 50 euros, or more. I don't know. Kind of sucks.

Sooo here goes to the piercings I don't have!

Okay, so, I used to have 3 up there, and now I have 3, but they're all going through one hole. Which doesn't hurt, and didn't hurt. I was so bored with the 1 ring going through.. it was a terrible work to put them in and close them though :| I always thought it was a horrible job putting 1 in and closing it, and now, when I had one, I had 2 to go still. But 2 of them were kind of easy, they have a ball with a hole and you have to put the other end in it? So it's better than the one where you have a joint and you have to put that little piece in the hole. Yes? Still getting it? God, though, this one hurt even after.. 3 years after I got it, couldn't sleep on that side for a long while :/ probably the reason why I let the other 2 grow closed again (grow closed? ... oh well).

okay, and these refer to the title, for I my hands start itching when I'm bored. I need to either cut my hair, dye it, cut away at clothes, or pierce myself. I had done this one before, also myself, but it got all gross and the yellow crappy fluid started coming out (hope you weren't eating anything at this moment) (if so my most sincere apologies) and it didn't get any better, and so I took it out. But then, last year, you know, Mco and I broke up and after a while I still felt kind of a little bit shitty and then I got bored and my hands started itching (deadly combination, something will get irreversibly broken/cut or, well, pierced). So I tried it again. First time it failed, after I got the needle all through and out again, I couldn't get anything through the hole again. So, a few days later I tried again. And I succeeded (with lots of blood and agony because dear lawd it hurts to put a needle through your ear)(even though there is only flesh there).
Then it took me a fucking long terrible agonizing while to put the silver thingy through and aahhrrr but then I got it and even though I couldn't touch my ear, or sleep on that side for a while. Now it's all okay (there is a little yellowish fluid somewhere in the story a while back but it is okay now) (which is kind of a miracle since I never used anything to clean the needle or the silver thingy except for saliva).

But I LOoooooove it. I love the place and I'm SO happy it finally is there again! And it's not swearing so I can keep it :D happy happy happy. Now I want to find some other things to put through. The one in it now is my old nose stud. Which fitted perfectly, and bend in a hook it also almost never falls out.

I'm also really happy I never gave in to my snake bite obsession.



maybe I should dye my hair.

donderdag, augustus 18

Can't stop CAN'T STOP! Can't stop the blog.

I found I Never Promised You A Rosegarden today! In ENGLISH for fitty cents. Yaay! I'e been looking for it for such a while now! I found it once, but it was Dutch, so I gave it to my sister (well, actually, my father bought it, so he gave it). And I read it (I guess in Dutch? I can't remember which language anymore.. because I didn't read my sisters book, maybe my moms -she has the same and my dad says it's in Dutch but again, I can't remember- or maybe I borrowed it from a friend? This shit is weiahd.) once. I loved it. It's written so.. terribly beautifully terrible. If you know what I'm saayin.
Such a haunting story.. left me feeling a bit crazy myself.. I'd reaaallly recommend this book. Really.

And while in the car I read some more Margaret Atwood. I am really loving it now. Even though I'm still guessing at where she's heading. She just has such eerie sentences and thoughts some times.. I really want to quote some stuff of her. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.
Or never. Probably never, yes.

Well I'm going to watch some House on zhe telly (I am in love with Hugh Laurie, of course) (I seem to be infatuated by/with every man with a vertical crease -or 2- between the brows) (Alan Rickman) (Random man on train).

Wilson is nice too. Aw sweet teenage rants, never leave me, hug my heart and keep it pumping faster and faster, fill my stomach with butterflies making me float horizontally above the daily greyness of normality and adultness.

I will go draw rainbows now.

Oh no wait, I won't.

Heartbreaking boys

I am one of those boys
with two left hands
give me gold
and it'll turn into sand
So lover, please, hold on to your heart
if you let it go I'll tear it apart
Lover please hold on to your heart
if you let it go I'll tear it apart

Heartbreakings boys
treating hearts like toys
In their heartbreaking hands
Oh your heart won't stand a chance
Heartbreaking boys
it might be accidental,
but it still hurts like hell
when they break your heart

She was one of those girls
still untouched by pain
She pushed her heart in my arms
so I told her once again;
So lover, please, hold on to your heart
if you let it go I'll tear it apart
Lover please hold on to your heart
if you let it go I'll tear it apart

Heartbreakings boys
treating hearts like toys
In their heartbreaking hands
Oh your heart won't stand a chance
Heartbreaking boys
it might be accidental,
but it still hurts like hell
when they break your heart

I am one of those boys
one of the heartbreaking kind
if you watch me close you'll see
and I know they say love is blind
but haven't you seen my face?
Haven't you noticed my ways?
Haven't you seen my face?
Haven't you noticed my ways?

Heartbreakings boys
treating hearts like toys
In their heartbreaking hands
Oh your heart won't stand a chance
Heartbreaking boys
it might be accidental,
but it still hurts like hell
when they break your heart

As promised; new lyrics. Kind of finished. May add some more, may change some words. You know how it goes. Yes. Sure.
I'm also working on another one! Inspired by my own nagging about feeling like the sea. Nag nag.

Now I'm going to grab me some hardcore lunch. Haahaaardcooohooooore. And then head of in the Jag (hihi) to my aunt and uncle, and some second-hand shopping in the way up there. Weehee. Teehee. Woohoo. Yeahea.

I was thinking about, maybe I should record Oh Pete some time soon, and the song about the Long lost lovers or whatever other crappy title I gave that song. Let me look it up... hmmm that's weird.. I'd swear I'd uploaded it once here.. Love song for the long gone is what I called it back then I remember. (though, as working title I called it zombiesong haha daimn that is well not bing bing)

I once fell in love with a boy
can you see the clouds hanging?
- he's dead
He died because I murdered him
because he told me to
it was the right thing to do

But I loved him

I once fell in love with a girl
can you see the skies filling?
- I'm dead
I died because she murdered me
because I told her to
it was the one thing that I couldn't do

But I loved her

I once buried a man
He was the only one I loved
and even at his funeral his mother told me
I was, never worthy enough
of his love

But I loved him

I once got buried by a women
who told me she would love me til I died
but she loved me even after that
because when I turned around
she was lying next to me
and not planning on leaving

Oh I love her
I love her

Oh I love him
I love him

waawwwwwwwwww 2 LRYICS IN ONE BLOGGGGGG!!!! total heartattack now.


woensdag, augustus 17

Can't tell if sarcasm or just normal

Okay, I'm going to write about what I wanted my blog yesterday to be about. But I just couldn't speak my mind. Everything went "nooo noo I didn't mean that umm....... don't know"

Not that it was such a big mindblowing topic. But I was just thinking and wondering about chatting and msn. Sometimes it seems you can't have a normal conversation (saying normal things) without having to use smileys.
Like, if you would have a conversation like this:

- Hey
- Hey, how are you?
- Fine, how about you?
- Yeah fine
- Great

It sounds totally sarcastic right? Or okay, maybe not totally sarcastic, that would be a bit exaggerated. But still, 'great' sounds like the person is actually a saggybottom sourface, who doesn't care that much about how you feel. (I, of course, could start a whole new discussion now about how (the last 10 years?) it seems like nobody cares whatever you answer on 'how are you' anymore because nobody's actually even listening and we all have too little time and too much to do to care about our fellow peoplefriends, but let's not)
As to, whether it was written like this.....

- Hey
- Hey :) how are you?
- Fine ^^ how about you?
- Yeah fine
- Great :D

Nobody would think of calling the latter a saggybottom sourface or maybe if the person calling the person a saggybottom sourface was a saggybottom sourface itself.

Oh lord this whole thing, I just don't have a point. I don't even use emoticons in my own blog. I do while chatting though, or texting. But, well, no point at all.
Retreating silently hoping nobody notices but of course stepping on squeaky duck dog toy and everybody turns around with brows in downwards v-shape meaning they are angry making me run for the last few metres out of the room with this song playing in the back. (I SWEAR it's not Rick Ashley)


dinsdag, augustus 16


Ahh doesn't this remind you of Pan's Labyrinth? Aahhhhhh the creepiest monster EVER. Really, brrrrrr. Google 'Pan's Labyrinth Monster' if you don't know it. But really. you SHOULD know it. Yeeeessss being friendly as ever. Not bossy at ullll.

I'm watching the Prince and Me, I like Julia Stiles. I liked her even more when she was in Dexter. The Prince and Me kind of sucks, but that's okay. And I read a little while watching.
Sooo tired, and I have no idea why, really terrible. So maybe I'll try sleeping now. With a little reading to fatigue the eyes some more.

I love it when sometimes -when people say 'eyes' or sing it in a song- it totally sounds like 'ass'.
And with that I bid you farewell my loves,

All truly sincerely yours,

ps. probably weird through lack of sleep, excuzi.
pps. .... wait I forgot oh no wait! I think I'll have some new lyrics up here somewhere this week. yahaahaaaywooo yeahhwhooohohohohohohohoh

maandag, augustus 15

Treasure hunt

Flowerpower belt! And because I'm a Dutch girl in heart and kidneys (love using Dutch verbs and translating them in English) I'll tell you it was only 50 cents.

Yellow H&M dress, 2 euros I think. Neil Gaiman short stories book 1 or 1,50

New old mug, found this in Workum for 1 e. Pin/brooch something doggie, my grannie was rummaging through some drawers and found it and gave it to me :)

All the pendants I found this summer! And a black magnetic locket.

FINALLY a black wool circle scarf! one fitty. And 5 beautiful lion hangers for up on the way. Isn't he a cutie.

A really smelly but lovely watch, you have to wind it which is PERFECT for me since I tend to wear watches for a few weeks, then leave the batteries to die, and then, wanting it again, I have to buy new batteries and then it goes as I described before. And then to here again, in a circle.
But waaahh it was SO smelly and all kinds of gross green black stuff in between te thingies, I first poked out all that stuff with a paperclip, then tried to clean it with a wet q-tip. And eventually I dipped it in a bowl of pure alcohol, and then in a bowl (these were all really very little tiny little bowls) of a random cleaner we had with a nice smell. And now it's kind of okay, but still there is some hint of goat/cow shit and school gymnastic ropes and mats. Which is, as you might imagine, not a very nice odeur.

I also bought a black fake fur coat, which makes me look like

And a real fur coat, made of I think this little chap

and probably about 80 of his friends. Makes me feel uneasy still. ..

Oh and a blue sweater which I forgot to take a picture of. Oh, and I didn't take pictures of the coats because, with my phone I don't think it would show how they really look. So I'm still thinking of searching the battery charger of my camera.
Aaaaaand I think that was all..

Oooh and I am now a Mahjong addict. Hoping to find the game on one of my next treasure hunts! But blaahhh you have to play it with 3 at least! Buuhuuummeeheerrrrr.

Now I am going to stop because Forrest Gump is already on for 15 minutes and I've never seen it before and I should give it aaaalll my attention.


donderdag, augustus 11


To anyone reading; what do you think of buying second-hand fur?

Okay still haven't packed my bag, instead, I was browsing the freepeople blog and practicing on my fishtailbraiding skillz for when I have my long hair in 1,5 year. And now it's time for some Robinson Crusoe and some serious sleeping til morning when I have to get up and watch my terribly addictive ghost hunting series and pack my bag and shower and go to work and lunch and go to work and catch a jaguar to catch a bus to catch a boat to sleep in a tent.


ps. this centre lining is weird. I think I will start lining it left again. Can't get used to this. Omg suuuuuuch a big deal of course like, omg! yeah

Superficial on repeat

YES! This is indeed another 'long hair post'. I was just checking my daily blogs and I came across Taghrid, and with this photo, she set me in the "OOMMGGG can't WAIT to have long hair again-mood"

So, if you want to release your frustration for me having another long-hair-rant, go throw bricks through hér window. not mine.

I also want a dreamcatcher. DIY project for somewhere in the future.

Ahaaw she is so cute :) from http://ilovewildfox.com/
Gorgeous Fiona Apple with her frizzy wavy pretty hair
Sideways hair. Ombré hair, dark at the top light(er) at the bottom.

Abbey Lee Kershaw, total girl crush of course. And I want her braid.

My dad cut the ends for me yesterday. 2 til 3 cms off, which will take me about 3 months. It only grows about 15 centimeters a year!! Soooooo unfair, like, maaaaan. So it will take me.. wait, letting my hair down, trying to guesstimate (total terrible word! heard it today again on Cash in the Attic (man I loooove BBC antiques programmes) (really!) and I had to use it :)) a freaking year and 3 months orso for my hair to grow as long as I'd want it.
And by that time, probably, I'll be so sick of it already that I'll cut it to a Mia Farrow pixie Twiggy cut again.

Okay NO and then I will make myself look and stare and not blink watching these next photos which, when I look at them now, always makes me want to punch myself in the face for cutting it.

with and (of course) by Rosa I love this way of curling my hair! I used long shreds of an old paper, you have to have wet hair, well, damp. And then you pull the streak of paper to the end of your hair (make sure your hair is in the middle of the streak) then make a triangle of the part around your hair, and start rolling it up. When you are at the top, make a knot in the streak of paper -be careful since it easily tears. Blow it dry, sleep with it still in, I don't know, just let it dry and you'll have curls like above.

This was a school project for our Art class at the time. I was a pirate (a whory pirate according my friends) and the other 2 were an indian and a princess.

Again, by Rosa. Ahhaaaaa that hair. Okay sorry, drooling on my own hair. I'll stop now.
okay last one then.

I don't know why I have this hair obsession. When it's long I want it short, when it's short it's taking too goddamn long to have it long again. I just like braiding it, cutting bangs in it, twirl it around my fingers (while of course flicking my lashes and showing my leg by lifting my skirt a bit).

Ooehh and I started writing a new song, which today I also started on the piano, I think I've got the chorus, but one chord is not working, and I don't know with which to replace it, having tried lots of stuff.. Can't wait for school to start to get some help of my songwriting teacher. Of course, he'll probably want to change 3/4 of the rest of the chords and song, but that's okay ;-) (nah that was a joke of course)

And I have to really start finishing the other one, and the one about my sister, but well, no; I think I'm going to let that one rest a bit. Though, if the lyrics are finished I will post them here. And the same with the other 2. Can't wait to share something new again.. but well, I'll have to wait til I've actually finished them :-)

O shite, have to pack my bag for my weekend to Texel with Miranda, a friend from my class, also a singer-songwriter. I should really post something of her here once. Yes will do.


dinsdag, augustus 9

I started cutting the ones underneath at work, out of almost letal boredom. Then, because I liked it so much, I made the ones above at home. I used to believe it was some kind of magic trick when people cut little people in paper and then pulled the paper out and they were all holding hands! But even though I now know there's really now hocuspocus to it, it still feels a bit like magic :) (I don't know how I amputated those 2 girls' arms though.. must be some kind of scary voodoo)

One of my treasures! Isn't this faceless mermaid a beauty. Couldn't believe my luck when I found her and traded her for some useless 50 cent coin I had somewhere.
I like the contrast the harsh fools gold gives next to those soft sweet ametist kind of stones.
I used to collect stones and shells when I was younger. I threw lots of them away last week, but a few I just had to keep because a few that were so pretty or that were special to me when I was a kid.
Feathers, something I guess I am kind of collecting now.

Probably a muskrats or rabbits jaw. Painted silver. Like I did to another found herons skull, and a little rat's skull. Especially the heron has turned out so beautiful.

I totally felt like all 3 of Hanson when seeing/taking this
An accident I liked

Isn't Poladroid a wonderful application! It even takes time for the photo's to appear like with a real polaroid camera. I've had it for 2 or 3 year now, but kind of never thought of it anymore. Up til now of course. Sooo yah.. other pictures will probably soon follow. Like, tomorrow I guess. If I find the time/energy, tomorrow it'll be a working morning and afternoon again. In the middle of the day it's the nicest, from 13:30 til 16:30, it's the busiest then! Especially when it's shitty weather like today. Hurray for the shitty weather!