woensdag, december 16


I had to make a happy Dutch song about animals with vocal lessons. (It goes further than just the vocals ;-))
Anyway, so, I tried it. And it worked. And I like it.

Even made me think: Ohh I want to write a show with dutch songs and with a whole story and.. mmyeah.

But I'll shove that plan aside. At least for another 5 years.

I even put the song on youtube. Here it is:

Okay, so.. oh yeah and look at what one of my best friends Rosa made:
She makes really pretty pictures, like I already said before :P so, check out her flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/Christinedeweerd

It's really nice when you see a picture of yourself and actually like it, not?
Okay, enough blahblah for today. I've got a workshop of my vocal lessons lady tonight. Which means singing in front of people who can actually (technically) sing very good and then get criticized too. (I can have criticism, really, especially from her, but when there are all kinds of other people I don't know..) Anyway. She says I should feel lucky. And so I try to do so ;-)
Wish me good luck.. I guess.


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