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Oh excuse me, I meant FAQ.

I've been asked things many times from 'what's your age?', to 'why 0neTrickPony?' to 'Can I have ur nr cuz ur hot omg lol'.

So, here some FAQs, with their answers.

How old are you?

I just turned 18 this march, hooray.

Where do you live?

I live in the northern part of the Netherlands. I'm Dutch.

Why did you choose the name 0neTrickPony? Paul Simon inspired?

Nope, I actually didn't even know Paul Simon made and album and played in a movie called One Trick Pony. I got it from the song Color blind by The Dresden Dolls. And it's not that I thought 'ohh yeah I want to be a singer-songwriter and I love the song Color Blind so much that I'll pick the name 0neTrickPony!' it's more that I wanted to post youtube video's to see what people would think. And then people actually liked it and people subscribed and I did Kunstbende and started performing.. and I just kept the name 0neTrickPony. And the reason why it's with a zero instead of a normal O and that it's written as one word, is because all the One Trick Pony-myspaces/youtubes/etc were already taken. So.. goodbye to the wonderful story. It just went like this. Sorry guyz.

How did you started?

Well, like I said I just wanted to know what people thought, that was when I was ... 14? I wrote my own miserable sad songs with guitar. And sometimes a little piano. When I was 15 I think I started taking piano and singing lessons. My reason for wanting to play the piano was (well I always loved the sound of piano but..) Regina Spektor. She was/is my hero. This had a good side (the starting playing piano) and a horrible side (Copycopycopycat).

How do you write songs?

It mostly starts with a word, a sentence or a melody. A first stone, and with that one stone I start building and building till there is a song. Oh Anne-Fleur, what a beautiful metaphor. I don't want to push songs out if it were babies, I want to let them appear in my head. Maybe I'm very professional for doing that, maybe I'm just lazy.

What inspires you?

Everything.. I once started writing a song after seeing a windmill (I never finished this, because it quite sucked, but that wasn't the question). But mostly the humanbeing. The things they get themselves into, the things they do and say and think and hope. I also use things that happened to myself, I always add something (a feeling, emotion, thought.. anything) that happened to myself actually.. but I hardly ever make a song too personal. Only my first were really ahm.. just to express my feelings and tell my saaaad sad stories (but I don't like those songs). And there's only one personal song that I like, but I'm just going to let you guess which song that is.

What are your songs about?

I don't know.. I like to tell stories, mostly sad or horrible stories, and make people forget about that with a sweet melody, some jokes or some weird sounds. I mean, if you take Adam and Eve, it's about a girl who thinks the world has done her wrong. So she want to take revenge by going back to Adam and Eve and make Eve pick the apple. But by this, she actually ruins everything. Because, if we were to believe the bible, if Eve didn't, the world would know no death, pain or anger. I like irony and sarcasm, bitterness and rudeness and I like dumbness. Also I think, people shouldn't take themselves so serious all the time, we should all want a hairy butt.

What's your favorite color, number, animal and food?

Pink, 7, horse and tomato ketchup crisps. Why?

Well then you've got a pink horse with 7 legs, who'll only eat tomatocrisps.

Oh, swell.

Yeah. What are you doing right now and do you want to keep on making music the rest of your life?

Nothing really. Ha. ha. I passed my freaking exams last summer. And I was going to study English language and culture. But I stopped before I started. I just couldn't and wouldn't do that. So now I'm trying to study my ass off with singing and music theory and repeating and repeating those shitty songs I've written (that is the result of repeating). And then, I am going to look at pop academies and stuff.. and.. audition. (Do you hear that scary ghostly sound too, or is it just me?) And yes, I want to keep on making music the rest of my life.

What music do you listen to?

I listen to things like.. (I need to watch my last.fm for this one) Regina Spektor (surprise surprise), Fiona Apple, Kimya Dawson, Mirah, The Dresden Dolls, Leonard Cohen, Kid Harpoon, Damien Rice, SoKo, Jaymay, David Bowie, Calvin Harris, Poe, Cake, Super Furry Animals, Oasis, Gregory and The Hawk, Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine, Laura Marling, Lykke Li, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Elliott Smith, Angus and Julia Stone, Lady Gaga & Lily Allen (haha), Jesus Christ OST, Alela Diane, .. well I'll stop. But something like that. Mostly female singers.

Are you playing outside of the Netherlands soon too?

Ahm.. sure, if you'll just pay my travelcosts and if I can stay at your house and eat with you for free (-: I know, I know already a diva with all those things. But, in return, I will perform for free.

Do you really want a penis?

Not really no.

So how did you came up with My Penis?

I just woke up one night and tadaa.

How many songs have you written?

Okay, let's count. I've got 49 songs on my youtube. I'm my word lyrics file I've got 56 lyrics. But I've got some more. So I guessing I wrote for about 60 songs, and those have all got music.

Do you have sisters and brothers?

I've got 3 older sisters and a mom and a dad (so my dad didn't left us when I was 3, that's just a song, and whatever a song might say, I love them). One of my sister is into fashion: www.charlottekan.com check her our 'cause she's really talented. I won't go spreading more information about the rest, because I don't know if they'd appreciate that hehe. (-:

What's your favorite and least favorite song?

Mostly, my favorite song, is the song I've just written. But not always. And my least favorite song.. I think.. Oh Pete. I've practised and played it soooo many times that I just kind of have enough of the song. But this is already getting less.. so hm.. which song.. oh yeah the 'I can't do anything' song.. after recording the vid for that, I never played it again. This is an edit. I like Midnight Metamorphorses and Adam&Eve. But because MM is so long and slow I've only played it once for people. And together with 'I can't do anything', I also really don't like 'This was meant to hurt you'.

Why do you have songs that refer to the Bible?

Well, because I see the Bible as a big book full of wonderful stories. And I also use historical stories and persons, so why not the Bible too. I don't mean to mock anything and I'm not religious, I just like to tell and make-up stories.

What do you play on in your vids?

When I play guitar it's a richwood. In my early piano videos it's a casio keyboard (suuhuuck), later on it's a roland stage piano (yaaayy) and sometimes, when I use a real piano it's our Kawaii (lovelove). My ukulele is a mahalo. My kazoo is from a toyshop. My saxohpone.. uhm.. I don't know. I record with a shitty cam, sometimes with my digital camera. The sound is recorded with a samsonmike (first I recorded with some crappy audio headset, looking like an incomplete idiot (some parts of the headset were missing, HAHAHAHAHAHAohcrap))

And then the last question (in which I'll combine different questions); can I have ur nr/email address cuz ur so hot omg lol! Have u got a boyfriend? why don't you have a recording contract yet? Why don't you response to my comments?!?!?!?!?

You can't have my number, if you want my email address just ask (not sure if I'll give you but, hey, you could try). I don't have a boyfriend. I don't know. Oh ehrrr sorry, I've got my reasons. First one: I'm tragically lazy and slow with responsing. But my second reasons is actually the main reason: I'm shy and mostly, I have absolutely no idea of how to response to comments and stuff. I read all comments and I'm happy with all. Oh and anther reason, I mean I don't want every comment to be a "thanks!" comment.. so instead of having all my comments the same, I just don't comment.. But just know, I'm not an unkind person, just a little socially awkward. (-:

Well thank you for answering.

Oh no your welcome!

Aight, c u l8er.

mmkay, gbye.

My sister saved that one for me. Well, she saved my whole blog but anyway. And I thought ' yeah, let's post it and edit it a liiittle' so it's all up to date you know what im sayin? chillaxed!

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  1. Ha, ik vind jou altijd zo grappig.
    Ik moest ook echt heel hard lachen door de link die je me stuurde als reactie op mijn een na laatste blogpost. Ik probeer het aantal keren dat ik lach achter de computer met niemand in de buurt in te perken maar you weren't exactly helping.
    Ha, dat socially awkward gedeelte ken ik. Weetje nog dat ik op lowlands ''Hee, ben jij niet dat meisje?'' of zoiets gelijksoortig debiels zei?

    Paprika met ketchup chips is trouwens wel echt vies.