woensdag, januari 27

..de comment fortuné j'ai de petits seins

I like to underline that a lot.

I like, omg, sooo bought a freaking like.. awesome sweater.. you know? It's just like.. huuuge! Well, except for that like.. it isn't .. you know? haha omggg! I'll just show you!!! Like, yeah!
well.. you know guys.. like.. it actually doesn't look like that at all.. like.. it's a boyssweater .. with a ribcage on it. Anyway, that's what this was about you know. Whatever.

And a shiny blaaaazer and I loooove it! And I waaanted it for so loooohong! Maybe I'll post some pictures of my new clothes. But then again.. I never did that. I'm no Tavi.

I tried out for a creative arts & performance school (or something like that anyway) last saturday, and today I got a letter saying I didn't make it to the second round. So that's shitty. I was kind of hoping I could go there, I really liked it. But ah well.. it's okay.. now I'll have to start focus on real music academies.. the pop/light vocal side.

Oh baby baby tell me all about the moon!
xoxo Fleur

Oh ps. I cut my hair! Ahhm.. here's the video:

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  1. OMG die wil ik zieeen! Kleren posten is geen crime, ik zeg doen! :p

    En het filmpje is fantastisch cool inelkaar gezet! Maar dat heb ik al gezegd..