woensdag, januari 13

Hair, you're coming down

I won this battle, but will I win the war?

Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to cut it some time soon. I want to have healthy hair like I used to. Hair then never has any knots and always looks as soft as it is. Hair that blinds you when I stand in the sun.... oh yes, that kind of hair.
So, conclusion, I want long hair, I don't want short hair, well, I would like to try short hair one day, so this would be an opportunity, but in the long term I want to have long hair. I want to make braids and curls with paper and look just like Buddy Holly and dance like Roger Moore. You know, that kind of shizzlers. (hmm.. blogspot says shizzlers isn't a word, and it's suggesting chiselers, but that word ain't got any Z's in it. Bumming word that is then)

Something about "ooohhmiegawd unequal chewquiptment." Fix no fix, fix no fix. Anyway.
Practising my Vaccais has never been so.. hmm.. how do you say that.. never? yes. Has never been so never. I can't write a blog and practise Vaccai at the same time! Popopopomomomomamamammiemiemie. Oh, I can a little.
Okaaaaayyy.. this is going nowhere.

Have a fantastic fucking day! (did she just SWEAR?!)
Lots of lurve.


ps. why weren't they called the Pony People? Well, young man? Why weren't they?

ppsedit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M19kspgDT8o

And I'm not saying mine is good, but crap her pronunciation is bad.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Kort als in "snow white" kort(poster op school)
    of echt kort?

    mvg, Tjeerd

    ps: have a nice fucking day to; )

  2. Hangt die er nog steeds? Diepe zucht voor de kunst op t RSG.
    Nee, nog wat korter, of nouja in ieder geval minder ehh.. bol :-)

    Maha :p

  3. Oke ..slik..

    ben benieuwd, wel koud:D

    ze zeggen dat er een kleine ijstijd aan komt die zo'n 20 a 30 jaar gaat duren ; )

  4. Hahaha oh god, dan ga ik naar de zon. Liever levend verbranden dan een 30jarige ijstijd uitzitten.

  5. mijn ome tjeerd(naamgenoot^_^) woont op een caribisch eiland (saba), goed alternatief voor de -6 die we hier anders zouden krijgen