zaterdag, januari 9

Oh, dear!

Rosa already know this, but where I live, there are people (no!) in a house (no!) with a garden (no!) with 2 deer in it! (Noooooo! YEEEES!)

I took pictures. Because they (well, there's only one on the picture..) looked so pretty in the snow. :D

I will, I repeat, I will record a new video sometime soon :-)
In the meanwhile, enjoy yourselves with these:

How to ruin someone's picture: Photobomb
I really really really love this one: I new idea design, new inventhings and other really cool stuff.
Hooomygod cute: baby animals
Helloween or not.. some things are just never appropriate: Poorly dressed people
For the babylovers out there: My first fail
and of course, golden (goooolden) oldie: Fail blog
For the fanatic facebookers: Lamebook (err.. like me?)
Another fail-something: Probably bad news; News fails.
Epic fail vs... : Epic win!
Another facebookfail: Failbooking
A traffic jam, while you're already late.. more ironic things on : Friends of Irony
Odd signs : Oddly Specific
Hugh Laurie, naked: Very demotivational Posters

omg edit, forgot this one: fuck my life

Okay. I will slowly back away from the computer now.

(part of edit: now I will really slowly back away from the computer... )

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb een paar keer helemaal dubbel gelegen van die "Very demotivational Posters" het is alleen wel een beetje uitgelopen, kwart over één 's ochtends! XD

    fijne dag vandaag...

  2. Haha dat uitlopen ken ik ja :p Jij ook een fijne dag!

  3. You'd probably also like this one if you don't know it:
    Similar to FML, I prefer it personally.