donderdag, februari 4

We've still got time

This was the song my friend Rosa made pictures with.. with.. ah.. anyway.

Magazine! there you go.

And here's a picture I made with my phone.. it's not as pretty as it was. But it was really pretty :-)
I had to wait.. 20 minutes in the freezing cold, but the view warmed me up a little:

A while ago I watched the movie Once. I really liked it. Especially the soundtrack of it. I've been listening a lot to it since. Oh goody golly! Look, the whole OST in a youtube playlist: click.
It's all really.. look at meeee my heart is broken and I'm sooooo saddddddd. But sometimes, that is very very good.
And the voices of Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová sound so beautiful together. So.. yeah.

Oh I love making food that looks like crap! (figuratively) just as I like buying shoes that make you think twice about if you like them or not. I'm mostly like: "Ooohhmg that is sooo cool! SO ugly! Fantastic! GOTTA to have it!" (this is how I ended up buying the porcelain tea set and the clock)

Anyway.. I think I'll stop writing now. Since I haven't said any-ANY-thing useful :D


Oh and ps. I'm watching 'Some like it hot' in pieces. But made looots of stills already :D can't wait to post them. Some things are so cool! And it's in black and white, first black and white movie ever I'm watching. And I like it a lot. But well, Marilyn Monroe's in it so.. duh.

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  1. Haha I LIKE!! :D

    Helaas is het magazine alleen niet optijd:( Mais bon...

    Hebbe gij nog nagedacht over sat'night?:D XX