woensdag, maart 3

As ye sew, so shall ye rip. ~Author Unknown

Yes, that quote is a good one for me. I have, I don't know, frenzies, once in every while. And about what can be different every time, sometimes it's.. a site, sometimes it's a language, sometimes it's shopping... no.. it's always shopping, sometimes it's about a person (Alan Rickman!). Y'know what I'm sayin'?

Anyway. I have a few which always return, come back, refrenzy thing you know yeah okay great. One of them, is sewing/knitting clothes/things.

How many fucking times I started knitting things.. a horse, a blanket, a scarf, a hammock for my rats, a hat, a top.. and seriously, the only thing I ever finished was the hammock. The horse is still lying in pieces in a suitcase underneath my bed. Though, this was not completely my fault since I ran out of wool. You see. And so, today, I was.. well.. okay I was looking for new shoes on the internet (please see my absolute angelelic face in front of you right now, I am not an evil buybuyhavegottohavedevil, I just want pumps, with little heels, for standing up straight more and for shows! :D not only for shows though) (anyway......)(OKAY!) but and then so I searched the h&m site, topshop, ilovevintage, doortjes-vintage and marktplaats (the dutch craigslist) and fouuunnndd: Nothing. But what I did find, was a playsuit. Which reminded me of that I want a fucking playsuit.

But every time I find a nice one, it just doesn't fit, or I look like a fat ugly barbie in it (o.k. again, doesn't fit). So, today I wore a dress I bought just after my birthday almost a year ago (hint hint) in a second hand store. It's kind of a weird dress. It's really too short, and it's really too big (but there are times I really am fond of having an A cup, really).

I got a sewing frenzy today. I thought; "I want a playsuit. I've got a dress that is too short. I've got a needle and yarn. And scissors. Let's do this."
Halfway I almost gave up, because I thought I had completely messed up. But I didn't really.

And seriously; this one fits better than ever other I have ever tried on.
So, today, I controlled my frenzy, and made something, and FINISHED it.
I even made pockets in it! (this was actually kind of an accident but hey, I didn't tell you that) Okay, of course it's not neatly done at ALL, my sister Charlotte (the fashiondesigner) would probably, were she dead, turn in her grave, but if you just look at it you don't even see it's that crappy.

Yes. Okay. Here:

Internet failed badly yesterday, so this was yesterdays blog. .. but anywya.
I might be uploading a new video today, of a new song!

xoxo Fleur

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice!, I once made a hammock for my rats to!
    they leuve it don't they?

  2. Ziet er leuk uit, en ik vond het hel erg grappig dat je zei dat je nog levende zus zich om zou draaien in haar graf. Ik weet ook niet waarom.

    Leuk dat je een Lowlandskaartje hebt, ik heb er ook een weten te bemachtigen via CJP-site. Ben nog nooit zo blij geweest met de leerplicht.

    Danku btw weer zeer voor de reactie. Als je een kans hebt (oftewel, geld), moet je echt proberen Roos op een van haar theatertouren te zien. Zeker nu ze stalkers blijkt te herkennen, dat kan nog leuk worden.