zaterdag, maart 20

Song and toads

I captured a toad while it was hopping across the road (unintentional rhyme, whee!) I put it on the side of the road. I hope that was a good thing to do. 'Cause further down that road I found 1 toad stretched out with his insides squished out.. and another who was kind of like.. a pile of.. squishy toad. Yes.

I looove toads and frogs :D I like frogs better though.

Here is a song I started yesterday, and finished today. (slight adjustments might still follow blablabla bla) (bla)

I think the title is (it might change blablablabla) (bla) (blabla) ;

War and Love

I met him during, the second world war
I wore glasses, he wore a scar
He told me I looked like his mother
- who he'd loved very much
I told him he looked like my brother

- who had always liked to touch, me

And we made love, in the room
in which we would die
And we made love in that room

only God knows why

Clocks were ticking, or was it, a bomb?

People were singing, or was it crying all along?

Time was ticking away,
- both too slow and too fast

Sometimes we yearned for the future
- sometimes we wished for the past

And the working would set us free

but all it did was killing me
though I'm not suggesting they lied
'cause in the end the were right

He gave me his number, for they had taken his name

I showed him mine, it was almost the same

And he smiled the only smile he remembered,

like a star too far away

and he told me, if you mix all the colors
you'll end up with black and gray

And it was those two colors

that filled up our lives
Not only our minds and bodies
but also the skies

I met him during, the second world war

I wore glasses, he wore a scar
He told me I looked like his mother

and that his heart was all mine

I told him he would be a father

- if it weren't for time

Well, my computer just told me (yes, told me, I've a macbook) it's twenty-two hours. So I'd best get ready for my sleepytimes. And use my electric toothbrush for the first time! I actually find it a bit scary. I imagine I might start giggling because it is so weird and then I'll probably spit out all the toothpaste..

By the way, are there actually any English speaking (well, reading) people reading my blog? Because it kind of feels like I'm making a fool out of myself typing stories in bad grammared English for.. well.. John Dick (that's a dutch prase but then translated, meaning for no reason/nothing you know..)

CIAAAOOOWSZZZ! Xxxxxxxxxxxx you've got zhe luuuurb.

ps. image note: omggggg when, one day, I have long hair, I am sooo gonna make those kinds of braids. I think they're lovelovelovely.

pps. it's raining, I love rain hitting the roof and windows (and streets), especially when I'm trying to sleep. Ohhhh I seriously can't wait for that perfect smell you get when it was a hot day and it will/is/ is going to rain(ing).. love that smell.

O.K. byez.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. To answer you're question, at least one ; )

    love the song, a little tolstoy hides in you...

    I like frogs and toads also, as long as they aren't as big as that one in pan's labyrint :D

  2. Ha-ha ;-p you get what I mean

    Noo ew! The one with the insides squished out actually reminded me of that one!! Yuck.

  3. Ohhh love the song too! Are we now commenting in English? :p

    Vet mooi! Kan niet wachten op de muziek, ben heel erg benieuwd! :D

    Tot morgen!! :D (dat was echt veel te lang geleden dat we dat konden zeggen :() (bla)


  4. Nein! Ganz nicht! Deutsch boppe!

    Misschien kan ik 'm al skypend voor je spelen :P


  5. en ondertussen (terwijl jij te kort haar hebt, dat is ongeveer de komende 5 jaar) mag je op mijn haar oefenen om zo'n vlecht te perfectioneren.

  6. Gerne! Ik weet alleen nog niet hoe het moet. Jij wel toch?