zaterdag, april 17

My 'trip' to France!

Hi guyz

I'll be going to France next Friday (the 23th of April). If you've been following me a while you'll probably remember I participated to modern dance 'shows' 2 times before. Previous times it was a week of work an preparations (a work week in which we made the whole thing from scratch, apart from the ideas of course, they were there already) and a presentation at the end of it.
The 'drive' behind the (sorry for all the ' ' .. it's just.. I don't know :p) projects is the choreographer Piet Rogie a man with an amazing and inspirational mind and really fun to work with! I know, that might sound a bit.. sappy and vomitable, but it's just really true. I had such great times before, I learned so much by working together with other people, it really didn't matter they were dancers. It's just about the creative progress and the stories behind. That I dance/move like a pig in distress does not matter because I'm not dancing, I'm just singing and participating otherwise (it's not only dance there were also just some.. 'play' things in it).

Anyway. I'll be going to Blanchefosse-et-Bay for a week, working only at night.. I'm very curious about how that's going to be.. I've always had problems with being tired a lot, and I get a little cranky and sick sometimes.. ah well :P we'll see. Maybe I'll sleep during the day. I'm good at that, really.

omg, I just checked the weather out and it will be about 17 to 19 degrees everyday! I am practically drooling right now. I am so ready for the sunnier weather. I shouldn't complain 'cause it's been great in Holland too, but it's just a bit too cold for me still.

I made some Google Earth print screens. And here they are

How I love technology.
Oh, and, speaking about that. There is internet where we'll be. And I'm not sure how it's gonna be of course, but maybe I'll be able to post some blogs while being there! And maybe even post some (crappy) pictures or maybe maybe even a youtubevideo. But you know, I don't know yet.

Was there something else........... don't know! Bye!
X Fleur

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