vrijdag, juni 4


This post has
nothing to do with envelopes.
(well, actually, now it does.. but.. whatavar)

This post is about, how I made a facebook account for myself as 0ne Trick Pony. And how weird that feels a bit. The promoting of self. It IS weird, mmm it FEELS weird. It isn't weird. It's normal I suppose. So I'm going to have to tell myself to be shameless about. Should be easy since I never believed in shame (sometimes to the annoyance of my friends, right? hehe)

You can click HEEEEERRRRRRRR to look (and like!) at my fawking page. Yarrsss. ( I don't know why I'm talking so piratish, maybe because I've been playing the Pirate Song a lot) (HARRRRRRRRr)

Also, and this feels a bit weird but it's nice news so why not mention it, tomorrow me and my boyfriend have been married for 25 years (going out for 6 months).

There's a party, not because of that, just because the world needs parties and booze and weed and lsd and xtc (hi mom! hi dad!) (so....... that was a joke) (Add a little salt please). The world needs sunshine so the world can go for a swim in the IJsselmeer and be mermaids with best friends!

Can't wait :-)
X Fleur

Oh, and, here a new video I uploaded yesterday:

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