vrijdag, juli 23

Can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come.

If you look at these pictures, it kind of seems I was surrounded by horses all the time.
You'll probably get some more posts like this, since I'm rummaging through alllll my stuff again now.. and packing, and unpacking and repacking.. figuring what I'm taking with me, what stays behind and what gets thrown away. Maybe if I'm about to throw away anything of significance, I will post it here, maybe somebody needs stuff? I'm not throwing away my awesome Nintendo Pocket tho! You can whistle at that one (and I always get my sin).

The images are crappy, and that is because I made a photo booth shot of real pictures.

I found this one too. I think it's my all time favorite of Lotje and Sjors.

At my first ridingschool. I don't really know the names of these ponies anymore..

Also the first ridingschool, but you may have noticed that because here I'm also wearing that hideously cool jacket. Hooray for like-I-give-a-care youthfulness. This was a very scared fowl (fowl?..) and I tried to win him over, it worked. His name was Fred.

A donkey, tied up in front of a house as a 'funny joke' because 2 people got a baby. We got into the local newspaper and the donkeys name was nononono (something with a Dutch program with a scary clown, brr). Can you imagine how excited I was when my friends told me there was a donkey in the street? :D

Shorthaired and in Denmark with my parents. This awesome Fjord horse was pulling a carriage.

Here I rode pony for 2 or 3 years with my 2 best friends back then. Freya (up front), Balou (in the back) and Lise-Lotje (2 ears behind my head), I had SUCH an amazing time there..

This was my (and almost everybody else's) ultimate favourite horse in the ridingschool in Workum. His name is Lancelot. He was the most awesome jumper and he was so excited about jumping you'd sometimes had to let him walk just a few metres before the jump, otherwise he'd go in a full fullspeed gallop. :-)

I guess I'm still a ponygirl at heart. I just haven't been able to ride for over a year now.. and it will probably last a few years still, the not riding. But one day, I really hope I will have the money and house to have 2 horses.. that dream started when I was little, and it's still here.

There are also some really cute (if I'm allowed to say that about myself) pictures of me in the very first year I was riding.. I was only, ahm.. I don't know, 6/7/8 maybe? Maybe even younger, I am so bad at those things.

|Ok ok, I'll stop.

I'm moving on the 1 of august.. and I'm already packing.. I just can't do nothing now any more.
Oh, and, if anyone has any plants they are planning on throwing away, I would happily adopt them! I suppose.

X nice day and zhe shizzlers.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Woah! je had bruuuuiiiiiin haaaar.
    Wist ik niet.
    (Oké, sorry, misschien een beetje bimbo dat dat het enige is wat ik hierop kan reageren. mja).


  2. Donkerblond :p (wel heel donker) lelijk peper/zout. maar op de foto's lijkt het wat donkerder denk ik.

  3. Oh wauw, dat soort foto's zijn zoo cool als je ze heel lang niet gezien hebt en opeens weer vindt. Die met die ezel is retecool. En die 2e foto met de hideously cool jacket is ook zo lief... misschien kunnen we van de zomer wel ergens een keer rijden ofzo? Would be koelie right? :) x