vrijdag, juli 9

New song

I finished it 5 minutes ago. So it might (will) change.

I once fell in love with a boy
can you see the clouds hanging?
- he's dead
He died because I murdered him
because he told me to
it was the right thing to do

So I shot him

I once fell in love with a girl
can you see the skies filling?
- I'm dead
I died because she murdered me
because I told her to
it was the one thing that I couldn't do

Oh I loved her

I once buried a man
He was the only one I loved
and even at his funeral his mother told me
I was, never worthy enough
of his love

But I loved him

I once got buried by a women
who loved me till I died
No even after that,
because when I turned around
she was lying next to me
and not planning on leaving

Oh I love her
I love her

Oh I love him
I love him

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