woensdag, juli 14

No milk today

Internet. I meant no internet today. Well, today there IS internet. But that's because I'm at my dads. At my mom there is no internet. And I will be cycling there in a few hours. Or maybe in a day. I feel a bit.. dizzy and lightheaded and weird.

But they've predicted really bad weather (deluge and thunderstruk) so I have to make a decision before... ahm.. six o'clock I guess. Which gives me.. 2 hours.

So, no internetz. I hope it will be fixed soon, because I really have absolutely nothing to do. Well, except for reading Jane Eyre, which I just got from a friend for my birthday. Yer and staring at the telly with dead eyes. Or stuff.

Damn I miss my friends. I wish I could live in Amsterdam with them. Or that they'd come back here.

Luckily I have zhe amazing boyfriend.

I'll go back downstairs now. Sit on the couch with my dad who's watching boring tv, I mean Tour the France.


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