maandag, september 13

It fell down

Ohh, yesterday was great! We had the premier of the piece and it went as well as a premier could go. Or, at least, I was satisfied ;-)

We were all a bit hyper after the performance. It was nice.

I'd planned to go back to Enschede this morning, because I have school, but I am so so tired and I have a bad cold, and yesterday my head was pounding. The pounding stopped but I am still a bit drowsy and the cold is still here.. I'm planning on having a lazy day with tea and a bit sleeping, for there's another performance tonight. And I want to go to school tomorrow, really, and tomorrow night there's another performance. And then Wednesday the last.
So.. I really have to get better, or at least not get worse. And I don't want to miss school, but the performances are the most important now.. and I have to travel 2,5 hours to get from school to Rotterdam, and in the weekend I was late because of the trains 2 times, and for almost 1 hour each day. It was already bad enough, but if this happens when we have a performance...
Well, you get it.

Now I'm going to de-stress ;-) and take a hot shower, and not wash my hair because it cannot be to soft (my hair is always very very soft and slippery after shampooing) because it has to hold stuff.
And if you are curious now; come and see.


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