zondag, oktober 3

and images

Okay, another blog. Reason is:
I wrote I was with my 2 best friends this weekend, they live in Amsterdam. They are both astoundingly awesome. On saturday Sarah, Marco (zhe boyfriend) and I were so tired (and sick) of the shitload of chocolade pepernoten we ate, we lay down on the bed (some of us even fell asleep). And now she posted a photo on facebook. And THAT my friends, is the reason for this blog.

Sarah please send me all photo's you took. ;-) We are so gonna go pepernuts again soon.

Have a misty monday. x

3 opmerkingen:

  1. pepernuts

    o wat heeerrrlijk dubbelzinnig
    om van te houden
    (letterlijk en figuurlijk)

    Maar, Lisa, hoelang duurt 1 pepernoot?