maandag, oktober 18

I am not through with you.

My weekend was nice, I was with my homie, had a performance, lost my voice because of it (and flu), went partying and dancing, had a birthday, went to my mom, went to my dad, didn't travel back alone. And I even made schoolwork. I couldn't have not done it.. we have project week this week, and we started with ahm.. you had to make lead-sheets (the singers en songwriters etc) of 2 songs (which I find already terribly scary and hard) then, this morning, we were put in a band of which we didn't know what band it was going to be (yearmates though) and we had 20 minutes to rehearse 2 songs.

Now some people are gonna choose 1 or the other song, and we're going to have to play it at 5 o'clock.. and they'll judge you. Ohmigawdhackingshat.
I chose Angus & Julia Stone - Soldier and Jonathan Coulton - Tom Cruise Crazy
not to difficult songs, I thought, but nobody knew them of course..

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