maandag, november 15

Dancing is like food for the soul

No I am serious. It is! I went to Amsterdam this weekend, after playing Popronde Leiden on thursday, and playing Popronde Eindhoven on friday and staying with my sister, and me and Rosa went dancing. It's been such a long while for me to go out dancing like this. Awesome :)
I am a little tired now still.. teehee (I don't get people saying teehee)
I also saw my other Amsterdamchick Sarah, and we went to see the Black Petes. Aaaam.. zwarte pieten.

I had a great weekend, and Popronde is finished now... a pity on one side, and on the other side, because I had to go by train and look for the locations (I could get lost in a straight street and in a shoe store) and most of the time I went there alone.. I'm not that good meeting new people and being 'gezellig' with them. Still shy y'know what I'm saying YEAHBOY!

Time for shower, beschuitjes en school.

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