maandag, januari 24

Die, die, die.. I can't

I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend. It was okay. I just really love the actor playing the main part. Since he's also in HIMYM.
Ooh and I got Black Swan! I am sooo curious about it. I heard it's an awesome movie, and I love Natalie Portman, so it should be just fiiiine.

Mmmkey.. have to get going in 15 minutes, still haven't figured out what to wear.
I'm not that vain actually, in the morning it 's mascara and making sure my hair doesn't look like a bird's nest. I like wearing something nice though, well.. something that I think is nice anyway :) But lately I've been such a drag picking out something.. feel like shopping, can't go shopping, don't have money.. weeelll.. it is ibgroep pay-day! Just kidding :)

I think I'll go for some pants today.

ps. blablabla jabber jabberbla. I'm still a girl.

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  1. Omg wij hebben zondag ook Forgetting Sarah Marshall gekeken!! hmmm mind-link :p