zondag, januari 16

I wanted to know the definition of confusion

So I walked into an empty pool?

Like I said, Rosa and I went for some troubleshooting (hahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha okay not funny) in the empty pool. It was so weird to see. And so very awesome to do. I like swimming with my clothes on. Oh, which sounds stupid 'cause I was talking about an empty pool. But see.. the pump couldn't take all the water out so there was still some water left.
Anyway, Rosa put 4 on her blog for now. Check zhem out you whiny baby. (Who's feeling the German army sergeant talk?)

Riiight and then we went to Amsterdam for some sweet dancing. It was nice! Dancing my new heels off. Getting beer all over me. Yes, yes.. good times. No seriously.

And now I'm home again.. so totally ready for my bed.. I'm going to brush my teeth and watch some How I met Your Mother (It's not a habit, it's cool. I feel alive.). And oooomigad.
I checked my schoolmailaccount, and there were the results of 2 classes (pianolab and solfege, for both exams you had to pass each.. assignment (sorry guys, I'm so tired, my brain is failing) to pass the exam)
With pianolab I failed one bit, so I have to do that over. And with solfege, I thought I screwed up 4 things minimum, but I totally passed the whole exam!! Aah I am SO happy with that!
Now it's still waiting in fear for the other results.. aml (algemene muziekleer/music theory) and notationlab (how to notate stuff) (I don't know why my school puts 'lab' behind almost every class they give.. it's actually also solfegelab, and bandlab, and pianolab.. anyway).
We're also starting new bandlabs this week, so exciting and scary! And it's also really weird, 'cause we're starting the second (and last of the year) semester.. which I guess means we're already half way through the first year.

Can't believe it all went so fast. Even with all the fucked up things that happened. And, even though the ib-groep kind of spoiled my mood (but that was before I found out about solfege, so now I'm okay again)(stupid mofo's telling me I'm getting like.. 300 euros less money, dude what?) I can actually say I am feeling quite all right these days!

Aahhww I will smile the rest of this day (and then barf just before I go to sleep to wash that sweet sugary flavour I would like to call sappy-happiness out of my mouth).

Love y'all, and ask away. x

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  1. Ohhh ik ben zo trots op je.
    Zullen we binnenkort een beetje skypelab doen?? :D smakx