maandag, januari 10

If you did it say you did it if you didn't suck it up and say you did

The mouse and the model.

Woohhh busy weekend, not only did I travel to Friesland back and forth (friday to Friesland, sunday morning back) I also spent my whole saturday playing piano/making music, and my whole friday in the car and recording songs for school. But it was a nice busy!
note. very important one: A classmate/friend helped me record: Miranda, heeeeeldin! thankthanksthanksthanks.

And now I'm sitting on ma butt and doing this and am.. I have a exam this afternoon.. and then I have to write write write leadsheets (we have to write down even the vocal melody, which is the most annoying work ever) (except maybe for painting those miniature puppets for prototypes or building models)

Oh and I might kill you (click) is on yourtoob! Younoob!

And I added formspring to my blog.. so you can ask me aaaanything. I personally think it will be a very empty page since I'm suuuuuch an open book (sarcasm detector goes bleep) (no but still)

If you need some new music you probably never heard of and you like the music I listen to (Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, David Bowie, The Dresden Dolls, Damien Rice, Lady Gag... anyway)

- Mirah (especially check out the songs: Cold cold water, Exactly where we're from, and her Janis Joplin cover: Dear Landlord)
- Jaymay (Her album Autumn Fallin'? Aaaasum)
- The Ditty Bops (Ukulele+banjo+2 very sweet girly voice+witty funny lyrics=aaaaaasum)
- Emmy The Great (really sweet/smart folk)


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