maandag, februari 14

Pardonnez le mot

I had such a nice weekend! Went to my grannie who lives nearby, my sister was there too. We played games .. all day, Phase 10 and Ligretto, and I'm definitely buying myself Ligretto too! At first I thought I could ask it as a present for my birthday.. but.. I think I want to play it today already haha :)
Mmmm and they have a dog, Taika such a sweety pie. I miss having a little creature at home! I would love a cat, or a rat or maybe a mouse.. but well.. not really an option I think.

Anyway, it was really nice, just sitting and chatting a bit, watching tv.. and then on the Sunday I went to an 'old' friend, I know her from way back in highschool ;) She lives in Arnhem and that's a really nice city.. all hilly and with a beautiful park. And she's got 2 amazing cats! Sweet, pretty and so playful :) (made me miss having an animal even more).

And then today schoooool.. it's gonna be a loooong day.. I'll be going in about 45 minutes, but still have to shower first.. than solfege, notationlab, backingvocals practise, a break, singing class, little break, AML, break, pianolab, backings practise, band practise.. and by the time we had the bndpractise.. it's gonna be 8:30 in the evening... blah. Oh, and it's valentines day. Which.. I don't really care about, don't hate it, don't like it.

Pff shit.. found out I made a mistake making my Joan Osborne leadsheet.. I left out like.. a really big part, because I was listening to the Weird Al version while I was making it.. so STUPID. And I dont' really know how I'm gonna fix it now.. maybe make new one and upload that.. or just practise it the way I put it online....

Lot's of dots today :)
Happy Valentine sweeties! ;)

x Flava

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  1. Arnhem is lame, but Sonsbeekpark is really nice :) Happy Valentine's Day! :P