dinsdag, februari 22

There is no hole where my heart should be

You've just got a blind spot.

I am in Frieslaaaand having my hodilays and my cavations. Su tais.
My mom has a home trainer, and it is legen.. wait for it.. hm.. I was hoping to find another word beginning with legen, but I couldn't find one, so I'll just go with the DARY.
It's not really legendary.. but it is kind of awesome. It's just so chill cycling a bit while watching a movie without going out of the house in to the cold cold outside. Daimn chilling!

And now I'm waiting for a friend from Enschede (well, she lives in Deventer, but I know her because she's in my year) yes. Click
We also have blog together with a guy from our year: LAF
But it Dutch though.. or isn't it? roit! Wathataverrrrr.

Have a nive day, a sunny day :) it's sunny
but cold
My but isn't cold, it's sunny but cold. Whathateverrrr.... sorry for that.
Aaait fo shizzle bye x

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