dinsdag, april 5

Meet my current obsession


It's about a serialkiller. Totally awesome.

I'm afraid there's coming another period of short blogs! I'm getting less and less ideas to write about.. But well, images and a few sentences. Something's more than nothing.

I am going to eat another apple. Isn't that swell idea? Yes! Thank you.
By the way, I'm singing Fuck You with bandlab, it's awesome to do. Tomorrow we'll be doing The Sharks again, yay!

I've been a bit of a monster today.. well monster is not the right word, just a bit.. I've been in and out of my head, sometimes I was just completely.. turned in, only seeing and hearing my own thoughts, and then when I flip out, I can be a bite crude, not mean crude.. but just really.. saying stuff that's actually a bit weird to what I was responding to.

YES! Very clear. We all get it now.
Mwuah (that's a kissy sound)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Je lijkt me wel iemand die met excursie naar Londen is gegaan (rsg) heb je nog tips?


  2. Klopt als een bus! aaaah ik ben zo jaloers, Londen excursie was echt zo fantastisch.
    Eh, maar, tips.. gaat meneer Mojet mee? Zo ja: Verlies hem NOOIT uit het oog als jullie met de metro gaan ;) verder geen tips, ik zou zeggen; spaar al je geld op en ga SHOPPEN maar ik ben een meisje.

    Alvast veel plezier! Wanneer is 't?
    aaahhhh jaloers

  3. Zondag gaan we weg 21:00.
    Thanks voor de tips, hmmmmm shoppen, nog nooit gedaan. serieus.

    Heel erg bedankt.