maandag, mei 23

What's that sound?

It's the sound of my new instrument! A melodica :-)

I wanted one for a long time now, but good ones are about.. 30/40 euro's at their cheapest.. and being a poor student I, of course, don't really have such an amount of money to spare.
But this weekend I went to some fleamarkets and there was a Hohner, 32 keys, sounding nice, 10 euro's! My dad bought it as an early birthday present :-) I am so happy with it!
Tried something this morning.. I want to do more with my loopstation so maybe something cool will come out.

To refresh your mind:
a Johnny Cash cover with uku and melodica. It's a bit.. weird, but still nice to listen to, I thought.

Pfoo I had a nice weekend! Thursday my friend Tineke gave a party, which was awesome and I spent most hours dancing and others yelling I was an atze. Went home at 7:30 in the morning so it was a good party. Then saturday I had a party in Groningen, which was also really awesome! We played a kick-ass card game which I'll teach the people at school and hopefully it'll make 'em all addicted. Still really tired though.. so, off the the shower and then off to skool.

Peace love understanding and rezpekt
Love, Fleur

2 opmerkingen:

  1. oh alsjeblieft post een filmpje waarin je erop speelt :P, Ik ben al verliefd op de melodica vanaf "Esther" van Yann Tiersen, zooooow mooi.

  2. Oeh mooi nummer zeg!
    Ja zodra ik iets heb (over tsja.. misschien een half jaar? ;)) post ik het!