dinsdag, juni 7


Blaahhrr I had a nightmare about my songwritingexam! I was in a room, and there where people, normally there's only 4 teachers, but now there were other people, so that was bad enough. But then my piano player wasn't there, and the people who were to grade me also weren't there! So in the end I started crying and told everybody I wasn't going to play it. That they would have to rescedule, and so they did, and I could do my exam and hour or so later..
And then my pianoman was there! But he also brought a whole band, and I thought 'um.. well.. if they know the song, cool!' and the audience was also there, but then the microphone started singing around and I had to keep it at the height of my forehead.
Then I found out the teachers STILL weren't there!.. and Then I was like 'hell! let's fucking play the damn song!" so then the band started and I was thinking "WHICH KEY WHICH KEY I START IN??!!!!" but the played already and then I just sang what I thought was. And the pianist played something weird, and then he got it, but the whole band was playing something else! They'd made an uptempo bluegrass song out of my Lady by the River bluesy-ballad (for goooodddsssss sake), which was because, and the drummer explained it by yelling it very hard while they were still playing the song; "Yeahhh honey! sorry but your song kind of sucked so we had to make SOMEthing out of it!"
And then I made them stop, so they stopped, and I freaked out and told the technician I wanted to sing it with my backingtrack, but when I did there was vocals on that backingtrack too, so I was dubbing a song.. and then I couldn't even remember the lyrics.. so then I started crying and told everybody to go fuck themselves and I ran out.

And then I was crying and crying and crying, and then I realized it was a dream so I woke up, except, I didn't actually wake up.. but the rest of the dream wasn't as bad.. I think.. I can't remember that.

So, pfoo.. I'ma eat another peanut butter sandwich, and then I'll get dressed and head off to school for band practice for my exam :) (The Sharks!)

Ciao's x have a nice day

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