donderdag, juni 2

One hundred years of solitude

It's been a while!.. Pff.. it's not that I haven't had the time.. well, I aaam busy, but.. just busy enough to not have an opinion on anything other than school and my exams.

Next week (Wednesday) I have my first exam.. pianolab. We have to play Gavin Degraw - Follow Through, Lionel Richie - Hello, Cindy Lauper - True Colours, R. Kelly - I believe I can fly.. and oh.. ahm.. Marco Borsato ft... someone - Wat zou je doen ..
Ahhhrr and if that's not (difficult) enough.. we also have to re-harmonize every song.. change the chords in other chords, different kinds of chords.. and well, some songs are just difficult to play anyway. I think I speak for all of the 1st year (except maybe 3 or 4 people) when I say this class is a pain in the ass. I mean, it's also nice! To play this much piano again.. but crappy songs... and that it's for a grade.. it just makes it less fun.. everything now depends on: will I get an sufficient on every song? puhleeeeaaasseeaaahh.

The week after next week, all hell breaks loose: AML, notationlab.. and scariest: my songwriting exam.. Actually I am not scared about getting sufficient, well maybe a bit for the theoretic part, but not for my songs. I am so happy with the songs (especially The Sharks and Lady by the River) I wrote this semester! And I know my songwriting and singing 'teachers' also like the songs. So now the thing to get a real nice grade is to just fucking nail the performance during my exam, to not make any mistakes and to just perform the songs like they should be performed!
Still gghaahwhwwwww getting nervous only thinking about it!!!

And then we have.. klank&stijlontwikkeling (sound & style development), vocaltechniques, solfege (aaahhhhhhh hh hhhhh this is also so hard!) ahm and.. I think that's it?
And damnit... then that's the end of my first year! I really can't believe how fast this went.. even with the break up and all.. the year flew by! Okay I'm not there yet.. don't .. blablabla while you haven't even blablabla..
And of course we still have our bandlab concert JUNE 22. Enschede. ATAK popcafé. Starts at.. I think about 21.00. So .. you know.. be there and bring your merry mates. It's fahree and we'll also play Halo by Porcupine Tree and some other cool songs and dus The Sharks.

Wellllll.. I think I'll go brush my teeth.. and lie in bed with my book (which is One hundred years of solitude atm). Today I picked some forget me nots (last year, when my sweet little Sjors died, I buried her in the garden and put all sorts of flowers on her grave; also some forget me nots.. and now they're everywhere in my moms garden! isn't that great :)) and I put them in my book, because I always love those dried up flowers.
But then when I went to take a look later on (I am a really impatient person sometimes) I saw those green plant lice in my book!!! ieeeeeee gross!

But, well, if you want gold you'll have to dig through the dirt. Or another something like that.


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  1. Ontzettend veel succes gewenst Anne-Fleur. Ik volg je nu al een vrij lange tijd en heb kunnen aanschouwen hoe je bent gegroeid, je hebt echt reden om trots te zijn. En wat een mooie afbeelding zeg, hij doet me denken aan het werk van Waterhouse, een fantastisch schilder. Google "Lady of Shallot" maar eens dan zul je het wel zien, de scenes die hij heeft geschilderen kunnen je misschien zelfs wat inspiratie geven voor je songwriting.

    Het beste,


  2. Dankje!
    Oeh, ja mooie schilderijen zijn dat inderdaad! Heerlijk die stijl :)

    Jij had geen examens toch? Of wel?

  3. nee volgend jaar pas ;)

  4. Oke, ik dacht het al, maar toch nog even voor de zekerheid vragen. :)
    fijn weekeinde

  5. Dankje en hetzelfde ;)