dinsdag, februari 28

Neil was a very gay man

I watched (the new) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And this morning I finally finished my Neil Gaimans Fragile Things (the short story book). I stopped reading it a while ago, while I was almost done with it, but I just wanted something else for a chance. But now, 2 days ago when I finished Steinbeck, I was out of books! Well, there are 3 other books in my closet I never read/fully read: The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (got stuck somewhere in the last or before last book), To the Atlantic with Bob (I bought it at a 2nd Hand, because it looked real nice, and it sounded okay from the text on the back, but it's just all about boats.. I'll read it someday..) and the almost holy (to me) The House Of Leaves.. I started in it twice, but it's rather difficult to get trough and so I stopped twice. But I WILL finish that damn book.

Weeeeell anyway.. when I was out of books I remembered I still had Gaimans book, so I finished it. And now yesterday, I was about to buy something by Steinbeck again, but figured I'd rather read some more Margaret Atwood, so I bought.. The Year Of The Flood!
Which I'll start reading tonight.

Ooooohhh and Marco, who's in Germany for 5 months for his study (in a hospital, he's becoming the best nurse ever)(is there a more manly word than nurse?) he wrote me a letter :)
It was so sweeet :D and nice to read something, hold something, instead of chatting or emails (I could print out those too, but.. well.. yeah)

Okay gbye.


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