vrijdag, april 13

Days like these make me want to start a Fiona Apple Cover band

And maybe throw some Damien Rice, Laura Marling and Florence and the Machine in between.

Tonight we'll be doing a living room (ha! I mistyped living, and wrote it as loving, how sweet) in Utrecht. Together with Mijke, Kris and Tineke and I.

Which reminds me, I should definitely share some of Kris' music here.

I did backings in one of the live videos they did. The last one, which will be online in a few weeks I guess. I'll definitely will post it here. It's my favorite Salisbury song.

And if you want to know how my weekend was, well.. just put on the Fiona Apple song :)

May the force be with you.


Ps. Tot zaterdag Sjors :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi dat liedje van Salisbury! Ik ging er spontaan van meezingen :D

    Heb je trouwens nog meer youtube filmpjes ergens online staan van de loving room concerten ? ;) Zou graag de liedjes terug willen horen.