dinsdag, juni 19

Books books books!

At times like these (exams, holidays coming) and feel like all I want to do is lie on my bed and read books. So this morning, when I woke up after 8 hours of sleep, I read, in my bed.
At the moment I'm reading Watership Down (Richard Adams). I vaguely remember watching the series (or was it just a movie?) as a child. It's such a beautiful written story, everything from the Rabbit's view, and even with their language, Lapine.
I'm already looking forward to watching the movie, but I'll finish the book first. I'm not even halfway through so it will take a while I guess.

The thing is, when I buy a bunch of books at the 2nd hand store, I usually end of browsing bol.com, or strolling through the American Book Centre (if you live in Holland, like to read and you've never been there: go there). There is some kind of addictive kick I get out of buying books. I think it also mostly is because, after reading a book, I often get in some kind of .. well I don't know, when I finish a book, it leaves me wanting to read some kind of book that's in a mood I want to read? Does that make sense? Like, after some jibber jabber happy shiny book, I can really crave for some Margaret Atwood or some Murakami, something gloomy and dark, after all the dumb happy reading.

But then I think, well, I'm a student, haven't got much money, and I still have about 5 unread books lying around from the last 2nd hand frenzy I suffered. (In this case: Paolo Coehlo - The Alchemist, something by Terry Pratchett, something by John Steinbeck) But then I get bol.com mail, saying it's 2+1 for english pockets. And so I check the books. Add stuff to my cart.. and leave it there. For a while. I think there'll be another 2+1 before the summer finishes, I will get my Game of Thrones then.



2 opmerkingen:

  1. Zeer herkenbaar! Ik heb mezelf gisteren gelukkig kunnen bedwingen, want anders had ik er weer twee boeken bij (en alle dvd's van The Office :P). Bol.com is ook zo irritant met al z'n aanbiedingen en tegenwoordig ook nog eens geen verzendkosten...

    Ik dacht dat ik ook Waterschapsheuvel had gezien, maar dat is niet zo; ik keek vroeger Beestenbos is Boos. Vond ik echt gaaf.

  2. Oooh dat was het misschien ook wel ja! hmmm... weet het niet meer :p maar dat was ook echt awesome :)

    Haha ohh ja zo verleidelijk.. idd ook met die verzendkosten...