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Complete Vocal Technique

Awesome! Yesterday we had vocal technique lesson: Complete Vocal Technique lesson :) (you have 2 types of vocal technique, estill voice training system and cvt). I may, say things that might not be entirely true according to the masters of those techniques, but this is how I feel it is. Don't pin a needle to it. ;)
EVTS is more about controlling your vocal folds and learning how every small thing works. And CVT is more about a few main things; controlling your airflow, a small amount of necessary sharpness (twang) on your voice, 4 voice functions and last, but not least, effects. 

EVTS is in origine more a classical technique, but the way we get it at school is adjusted to pop singing.
CVT is more popbased.

We had CVT 1 in.. a month something, for this year. We started by focusing on the airflow control, then on the necessary twang, then on the 4 functions (which took a long time since they all need lots of attention :)) and at last, last 2 or 3 lessons, we started on the effects. You see, for you to healthily and safely do the effects, you first have to master all the 3 other things. You have to be in the centre of your vocal function, and to be in that centre you have to be okay with your airflow and the twang.

I never really use effects in my songs or my singing, but I think it's so cool to learn! And maybe, I never used it because I didn't know how to do it. And not that I do now, but the thing is; I could do every effect! So if I wanted to do the effects now, in a song, I would "only" have to practice!!

Vocal Technique just gets me so excited!! It's SO COOL how sometimes something is just too high, or too.. anything.. and then after 1 lesson of the CVT it's just possible!
At first I was so interested in EVTS that I even thought of maybe do more with it, maybe study it more so I could teach it eventually, but the CVT really speaks to me more. It's much more quick. (Though, I think we had an advantage because we know the EVTS).

Okay, well, let's give some examples! For the ones who haven't stop reading :)
Here you see Jeroen Manuhutu, our voice whisperer (;)) at work. Sad news is though, yesterday was our last lesson with him.. he's too busy :( really sucks because it's always so interesting and barrhhh okay stupid. I'm hoping now we'll be getting a new CVT teacher. But well, he was always really cool (and good!), so it's sad he won't be teaching us anymore.
Overdrive is one of the 4 functions.

Here a video with 2 effects:
On 0:13 when she sings "a melody I start" on -I- she's using the effect creak.
And at 1:28 (and somewhere later on) "I don't know"  she uses 'growl' on the word don't.
And emm.. someone like the AC/DC singer, he uses rattle a lot (rattle right? yes I believe so)

At the end we practiced 'distortion'.
which I thought was really scary because it sounds so "Hi! I'm distortion, I'm gonna fuck up your vocal folds!" but actually it went kind well! :D And that is exactly what I find SO AWESOMELY COOL about CVT.
You think you can't do something, you take 5-15 minutes: you can do it. (of course you have to practice , but still)

End of CVT rage!



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