woensdag, augustus 8

Books, oh and errm.. more books


Last Thursday night (actually Friday, since it was a few minutes past 1) my little nephew FLOYD was born. We went to see him Friday, and my god, cuteness to the core! I'm glad he is actually a beautiful baby, instead of some, who are ugly, but you still say they are beautiful. Wouldn't want the kid to have a low self esteem only a few hours after being born.

HA! Well. yeahhh...

Saturday me and my fasha (Austin Powers anyone?) went to Amsterdam, to a really big flea market called the IJhallen. I bought me quite some shit there. Including 3 dresses, a fake fur coat (which gives me a total of 3 fake furs), a really ugly kitsch painting of creepy kittens (hey, you can't go on making your own at 50 cents!), 3 books (Murakami's "After Dark", more about that one later. Roald Dahls "My Uncle Oswald" and "The Life of Pi" by I don't know by who.), a pair of black wedges and a new melodica!! But it's Italian so it's way more fancy and now it's called a clavietta. (click for life changing experience of finding out what a clavietta looks like. Oh wait, add "life changing experience by finding out what is sounds like" to that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Melodica_rakesofkildare.ogg HOW MELACHOLIC!!!!)


Then, yes, thennnnn, I went again on Sunday with, and this is a new character in the story of my life Tom. And I bought yet another fur coat (it was only 1 euro!!! COULDN'T  NOT BUY THE DAMN THING!!") (which brings me to a total of 4 fake furs) (well, you're a vegetarian or you aren't one is what I always say) (and to make it worse I'm also really not a vege- but a pescotarian. Shame on meeeeeeeee! In 't schandblok met me.) And Tom bought me a cat teapot which I was having my doubts about because I have enough stuff to drink tea from since I am obsessed with cups and shit.  But well, I'm luving it. It's pink, I'm a girl, it's a kitty, I love cats. Need I say more. Right, don't think so.

I also finished Oryx and Crake and I loooved it! And the story ended somewhere really exciting but you don't find out what happens but you do find out in The Year of The Flood! Maybe I'll read it again some time. Damn, Murakami and Atwood are really I think my favorite writers. Can't wait to read more of them!
Which brings me to After Dark the one I bought this weekend, it's a novel, not really long. It's about 2 sisters Eri a stunningly beautiful one, who is asleep in the story and experiences something weird. And Mari, the younger less cute one, who's spending a whole night alone in the city, and meets interesting people, with whom she has interesting conversations with. The book is written as if describing.. ahm.. as if it's a script. Wait, I'll type the first lines of the book to make this clear:

"Eyes mark the shape of the city.
Through the eyes of a high-flying night bird, we take in the scene from midair. In our broad sweep, the city looks like a single gigantic creature - or more like a single collective entity created by many intertwining organisms." etc etc.

Murakami writes in we form; we see, we can't influence: we're only just spectators witnessing 1 (important) night in the lives of Eri and Mari.

This morning I started in My Uncle Oswald a story about a fornicator so great, even Casanova "comes out of the contest looking like a man who was suffering from a severe malfunction of his sexual organ."
A sentence on the first page which made me like the book already without having read it all through.

This week is my last full work week, next week 2 more days, and then Wednesday I'll be visiting my sister and Walter and Floyd already again! Together with my dad and one of my other sisters. YAY!!!

And then in.. well.. less than a month school starts already. Jesus it's been going so fucking fast! I hardly have the idea of having holiday.. it's because of all the working I guess. Ah well, keep your eyes on the prize, your mind on the money.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd! :D Leuke blog! En leuke baby! Geniet ervan :) Met je zus en je familie. Leuk!

    Ik kan me nog herinneren dat ik dat einde van Oryx en Crake zo onaf vond, maar er komt dus nog een boek na. Het is inmiddels alweer 2 jaar geleden dat ik dat boek las, dus ik weet niet of ik het jaar van de vloed nog ga lezen... :P hm. Maar als je Atwood samen met Murakami noemt...

    Ik ben ook vegetarisch! Sinds kort. Veganistisch eigenlijk want ik at ook al geen zuivel. Maar ik let daarentegen totaal niet op leer enzo, tja... ik kom maar naast je in dat schandblok :D

    Werk ze nog!

  2. Dankjewel!

    Ja ik weet nog dat jij ooit zei dat je 'm gelezen had! Ik snap inderdaad hoe het einde nogal onaf voelt.. met The Year of The Flood krijg je wel eindelijk je echte einde! (tenminste, ik geloof van wel! Weet niet helemaal zeker meer maar kan me geen "grr wat een open einde" meer herinneren).

    Oh echt! Haha acha een vegetarier die vis eet en een veganist die leren attributen bezit.. kom maar op met die rotte tomaten!