dinsdag, augustus 21

Wise men say

I like you Elvis, I also don't care about the wise men. Wise men have beards and tend to get fat due lack of exercise.

Wait. Let me grab some breakfast.
Ok I'm back, yoghurt and muesli, let us commence.

I'm in Workum, came here by train yesterday, after being away since Wednesday. Ahw Workum I missed you.. oh no wait, I didn't. 
I went to Utrecht to spend 5 days of diy-holiday with Tom. We went walking, canoeing through the Utrechtian canals, we ate out, went to see Moonrise Kingdom (OH MY GOD I loved that movie) (and I loved the soundtrack of it) (and the actors) (well, so, jusssssst.. yes... everything. I loved everything about it) (so I should've stopped when I said I loved the movie because with that I said it all) (ah well, I'm not killing trees or anything with this blabbering),  we did absolutely nothing, we were on the run for the police, we went dancing, saw some more movies, ... what more.. hmm.. so funny you tend to forget so much after so little time.. 
On friday we went to Nijverdal, to my grannie who is such a sweetie :)  then next day we got on our feet and went to Avonturenpark Hellendoorn! It was so hot, damn, but going in the rides made it better, especially the ones with water.
And then off to Enschede, where we went chillin' in the park, and at Rutbeek (it's a little lake, perfect for swimming and sunbathing on a terrible terrible hot sunday)(haaaa sun-day! haa), mmmmmmmmmm... I probably forgot stuff, but, conclusion is that it was all awesome!
Finally some sort of vacation, after all the working :) 

Pfieuw I did like an hour over writing that... well okay, maybe 15 minutes. But I guess maybe it's also because I'm watching Locked up abroad at the same time. EXCITIIIINNNNNGGGG.

Also, Tineke and I rehearsed our songs, we're playing next weekend! Yay! 
Though, I lost my voice kind of last week, and it wasn't really back yet so I sounded like a goat singing.

Now I actually have to hurry to take a shower, or well, first I'll finish my coffee. Yes. And go to Leeuwarden where I'll be writing songs and rehearsing with the band this week. I hope my voice will get better in time.



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