zaterdag, oktober 5

Steal like an artist

(or like Effie, in this case)

At school there's one class which is called Musicmanagement, it's given by a young and puppy-enthusiastic man called Martijn Crama. Last year, especially when it was so difficult with Tree Like Fun, he was a really great help. And besides that, his enthusiasm is really inspiring and motivating and he has a lot of knowledge (and hunger for it).

Anywaaaay, he recommended us a book called 'Steal like an artist'. When I finally got my duo money I decided to buy it, since I was already ordering books at, I thought why the hell not riiiiight. Right.
Well, when I got it at home I didn't really feel like reading, and so Tom ended up to be the first one reading it. He was positive. So this morning, being all grudgy, I decided to settle myself on the couch and start reading it.
Which brings me to this moment; me sitting on that same couch, having finished the book, writing a blog in which I'm recommending the book to you, my dear readers. 

It's a book with 10 'rules' but they're more like guidelines as in (speaking as if I'm the writer of the book): "Hey, these things really help me being creative and shit you know what I'm sayin'? Aaait homeboys, peace."
It has a lot of quotes from artistic heroes (like Kurt Vonnegut and Jay-Z) and leaves you motivational, and wanting to go to Ikea and buy a desk to fill with nothing digital. Or something.

I just lent my copy to my roommate, but if she's done (it really is a 2 hour read, at max) you can borrow it. Or maybe just buy a copy since it's only 10 euros (and if you read it and think; jesus that was bad! Well, then just give it away as a present)


ps. after writing this, I decided to look up the link on, only to find out they now sell it for 10,49! They added 50 cents! Go buy one before it's 20 euros! The fockers!

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