woensdag, november 27

Adam & Eve

Wwoooowww I needed the lyrics of Adam & Eve for something, so I browsed my blog, but then I couldn't find it.. can't imagine I never blogged it! But ah well, here goes.
With some notes and added things that I might change or whatevvvs.

Sofia, where has the world gotten you into today?
Sofia, isn’t it about time finished your payment?/it repays what it owes you?
Hasn’t the world already taken enough (from you)?
It took all your hopes and dreams, your parents and your frog/dog too
Oh Sofia, isn’t that about enough? Oh Sofia, isn’t that about enough/Oh Sofia, you just have to follow through, oh Sofia you just have to follow through
The world has gotten you in it’s power, but you can still fight back/it’s not too late to fight
Just go back to the beginning, to when the world started,
You can do it

So, Sofia went back to the beginning to meet Adam and Eve
God had just told them, they could do anything, but eat, the apple
God said: “Hey Adam, hey Eve, you’ve got nice tits but could you guys please cover up your bits? With your hands, or a twig, or a pony or at least a fig.
Anything will do, anything will do.
Oh no, not anything will do, don’t use the apple, don’t take the apple
Don’t take the apple from the tree with the snake in it. 
And I also wouldn’t use the snake to cover your bits,
‘cause it might hurt, and you might loose them.
You might loose them and that would suck, ‘cause you’re gonna have to use them
To do what? To do what?
Peace out y’all, respect!” Is what God said before he left, and then he left.
He flew off into the sky.

Sofia stood up and then she backed down again, ‘cause she was wearing clothes and that might’ve been weird.
So she took them off, and then she used a leaf to cover her bits,
‘cause if this song ever gets turned into a clip/televised/it's video and I’ll a play Sofia I’m not gonna be nude, no way dude.
And Sofia got up and said: “Hey Adam, hey Eve. How’s it goin’?”
And Adam said: “Huh? I thought we were alone!”
And Sofia said: “Well you got it wrong.
I saw you from over there Adam, I think you look real nice. Maybe we could make some beautiful babies, here in this pretty paradise.”
And Adam blushed and Eve did too. But not from shame, but from anger.
She got mad and she grabbed the first thing that came at hands which was an apple, and she threw/within reach, and threw the apple and aimed it at Sofia’s head, who laughed ‘cause she got what she wanted,
Sofia laughed, ‘cause she got what she wanted

And then Eve realized what she’d done, and she felt real dumb, but she was blonde, so she blamed it on that, and Sofia, Sofia laughed.

Here the link to the video with the song in it so you can listen, if you'd want to do that that is of course.
Welllll.... I'll be off, stuffing stuff into boxes (real stuff, not pot or anything)

(uhm.. love,)


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