vrijdag, februari 7

Sugarskull mysteries: Ice ice baby

Yesterday I got a text from that crook himself: Bobby Currantbaker. Well, actually, it was sent with Tom's phone.. I guess he'd hacked it. Didn't know that was even possible!

He sent me this:
I was born from water, but when I return to water, I die. What am I? Find the answer find the third skull. You have one hour. Tick tack, miss Kan, tick tack. B. Currantbaker

So I went to the freezer. But I couldn't see anything.
I stuck my hand in it and when I felt around for a while (I'm making it sound like we have a huge freezer, but it's just one of those built in with the fridge, I just had to reach all the way back around some stuff) bingoooo.

I put it in the sink and turned on the hot tap. In only a few second I was holding the 3th sugarskull in my hand. Next one will be the last one. I have the feeling it will be the most difficult. But of course I have no idea.

Oh, also, I was a guest at Enschede FM yesterday, in a program called Eneergy, run by 2 young DJ's. I played Hands, and Lady by the River. If you want to listen to it: Click


ps. okay sorry about that, for realsies now

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