zaterdag, maart 15

EP Wednesday

Ah, very rustic images to create a calm atmosphere.

SO! Wednesday was the day; EP recording time!

Tom and I headed out to Enschede by train just past noon, which was nice 'cause we got to have a nice relaxed morning first. We wanted to make the studio look a bit nicer, since we were going to film the songs. So I had the plan to take box from the supermarket and throw a blanket (or something) on top, to make it look like a table, and but a plant on it I was going to borrow.
But when we walked to my school from the station I saw a super cool table outside of the second hand store, it was only 5 euro's.. but well, buying a table in Enschede when you live in Utrecht, not so practical. So we walked to school and met with Richard (the producer) there.

We had to fix a few things: the plant, lights, clean up the studio, fix a 'table', etc. So we all went ahead. Tom and I went to my old house and borrowed a lovely plant from Marieke. I decided to buy the damn table because not only was it awesome for the video, it was a fucking awesome table just to have. Richard brought a carpet and the lights, and he installed all the microphones together with Olaf.

In the end it looked like this:

There was some trouble with the piano and the room. Also some struggling with the lights: where to put them and what angle? But in the end, after we ate some dinner, we started recording at about 6:30 (which was 30 minutes later than I'd hoped).

When the first 2 were yolo to go, Jurriaan came in to play some strings! 
Awesome sauce. 

Rinkie, who helped with recording the videos made his own slider, super cool.
Tom got to be the slide master. Or the head of slide... or.. I don't know.

Whoops, we wrecked the piano.

LOLLLLL JK! ROFL! This is just normal.
Love the way it looks with all the shiny goldness and the lightylights.

We brought some props! Our awesome skull, and my feather collection. 

(Jennifer, you see that bottle? It's the pill bottle you gave me :-))

Yawdawgs. waddap. Slidemaster T in da stoodz.

And then it was a quarter past 8 and we still had to record 1 song. So hooray! One chance to play it and if it's not good we'll have to do it another time! I played that last song soooo relaxed. No stress at all! HA!

I haven't heard anything back yet, but I got a message from Richard sounding positive! So that's good. I've been so nervous for the recordings.. and now it's done I'm super nervous to hear it back.. what if I don't like any of it? But will that be because I'm honest with myself, or because I'm way too tough on myself? .. We'll just have to wait and find out. Richard and I are going to meet in this or next week.

I've already been looking into ways to package the cd.. super fun to do! I kind of know what I want, but I don't really know how or where to get it.. ah well, I'll just google some more. 
I think it would also be cool to make a few little booklets with the lyrics.. but only like some kind of 'special edition' then, 'cause I'd be making them myself ;-)

Okay that's all for now. Have a nice day/weekend!


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  1. Leuk verslagje :) Ik ben erg benieuwd welke liedjes er op de EP (komen te) staan! Succes met de rest van het proces. Hopelijk klinken de opnames naar tevredenheid :)

    1. Er zit in ieder geval iets bij met een van jouw lieveingsdingen. En dat Jurriaan ergens bij meespeelt is misschien ook wel een goede hint..
      Bedankt! Vandaag terug luisteren, hopelijk komt er dan weer een vrolijke blog ;-)

    2. Zombies?! :D Nee, dat zal wel niet. Dan gok ik op iets met haaien ;)

  2. Leuk! En spannend!
    Ben ook heeeeeeeel benieuwd!

    En mijn pillenpotje rocks! ;-)