maandag, maart 15


I should've been out of the bus right now already. And, I'm not in the bus. No.
I never managed to get in the frigging bus.

So now I'm sitting in the kitchen, on the chair, behind the table where my laptop is. Shoulders down, my spine, despite all it's great efforts, isn't as straight as it should be. My neck tilted to the right. I feel like a bag of potatoes.
A very tired bag of potatoes, sitting on a chair, at a table, with a laptop. Typing useless things out of boredom and laziness, laziness because I missed a bus I shouldn't have missed. Laziness because now, my vocalteacher has nothing to do because I missed a bus I shouldn't have missed.

I am not sad, I am not down, I am tired. And I'm tired of being tired. I guess that's what you get for going to bad a half past 8 (in the evening); you don't sleep, leaving you more tired and more disappointed. Oh crikey, come ooonnnn, smile a little smile.


Ah mm, I've already got a second cup of (hoooorrrible) coffee. More for the moral value of caffeine than for the real value and effect that caffeine has on my body. But that's okay. Oh god, you should taste this. It's rubbish haha. If I'd poor it into the sea, I'm sure every creature swimming in that black cloud of horrible black coffee water would die.

Here's an image I love.

I recently started a 'favs' map in iphoto, because looking at beautiful/funny images always makes me feel serene (hehehee). Well but anyway so; this is one of my favourites.

I'd better stop now, before I miss the next bus too.

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  1. het klinkt misschien raar van uit een jongen maar ik vindt het een mooie jurk, simplistisch, blote schouders de houding & haar blik dit bij elkaar vormt iets heel erg moois.

    ; ) Tjeerd