donderdag, maart 18

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

You when as a kid, when it was your birthday and/or you had your party, you always got cranky in the end? I did anyway. I always got sooo tired and cranky at the end of the day.
But I still get kind of tired and cranky on my birthdays. Especially when I have a cold, and already am tired. And I don't like giving parties. I mean, I do. I love parties... well, so, that's something different. When I throw a party myself I'm always like 'oh my god. they're bored. they think I'm a douche bag and they're bored. the think I'm boring and a douche bag and lame and they are bored.'
And because of thinking that, I always end up saying "Heeeeey let's play hide and seek!" (or other games like that) I'm not ashamed saying I love playing hide and seek. But I mean, that's me. And I really like it but again; that's me. And then we go play hide and seek and then I think.. suuuuure.. I'm having fun.. and others are laughing and playing the game.. but.. they probably think I'm a total douche bag.

Okay, so, this happened once. But still! You get the idea.

Anyway. I'm not tir.. well yes, I am tried, but I'm not cranky yet. I do have a cold and a heavy head though.. but ah well. I'll manage. And I bought myself some stuff to squirt in your nose (haha ewwww squirt! nose! eewwwwwww), hey you gotta be nice to yourself when it's your birthday, and I'm getting kind of old you know.. need to take good care of myself. (And my nose)

I also bought fruit drinks and spa lemon&ginger ohhh that is SO nice! And peanutbutter, because it was oop. I mean, we were out of peanut butter.

This is pointless :p here's a nice image, from me to you, because I am now 19 and I want to have given more than I took, at the end of my life. So why not start now.

(and because I am going to Alice in Wonderland in about an hour) (ommggg I waited for that movie since I knew they were going to make it! I'm so exited and curious!!!) (omg.. 3 exclamation marks.. that's bad)

X Fleur

Oh ps. A crappy song:

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