dinsdag, mei 25

Flora's Wondersong

A new song I just finished, it might change a little tho.

I saw a man sitting
with his head in his hands
I asked him his name
and he asked me to dance
I told him I couldn't
I told him “I can't”
He said “nonsense, girl,
if I ask you, you'll twirl”

So I took his hands
and he stepped on my toes
I stared in his eyes
and he looked up my nose
I told him he couldn't
that that was not right
and he told me my nose
was as black as the night

I smiled the most bashful
smile that I could smile
He told me the looking up my nose
was worthwhile
That my smile was the prettiest
he'd ever seen
Except, of course, for the smile of
Unicorn Nineteen

Flora, you need corn
He lectured to me
I told him I'd eat it
if it would be sweet
He kissed me and said
“Ah ma, petite cherie
pas de problemè
Tu es douce toi-meme”

I took of his hat and
he put it back on
He asked me a riddle
but answered me none
My feet had grown tired
my will had left me
I stepped on his toes
and I let him dance me

I told him to leave me
he told me it was
not time to party
and so he, left off
That night I slept tight
falling down a black hole
He met me at the bottom
and I followed him home

“Ah ma, petite cherie
pas de problemè
Tu sais tu es très, très douce toi-meme”

Xoxo Fleur

ps. still no name.

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