vrijdag, mei 21

Sad & 3 days to deadline

I went to the vet with Sjors Wednesday evening, Marco went with me. I knew already what the verdict would be.
It was so sad when she got the first (narcosis) injection, she started squealing and went wild. Then it took an awful long time for her to get asleep, and when she finally was asleep and got the second (overdose) injection, it came out she wasn't asleep at all, 'cause she nearly bit the vet and she squealed again. Then it took her for about 2 to 3 hours for her to really die.. all that time, her little heart kept beating. In the end I dug a hole right next to a roseplant in our garden. We covered the little grave with all kinds of flowers and stones.

It's so weird though.. I keep watching at her cage every time I'm in the kitchen, looking if maybe she's awake and jumping for me to take her out. I miss her ):
Isn't it always terrible when your pet dies? It's terrible when anyone dies, of course.

And, 3 days left for me to pick out a new name, or, if I can't manage, to stick with the old.
And, 19 days left for ultimate doom: audition for Artez.

I'm a pressure-junkie. If I don't have deadlines I'm happy with not doing ANYthing useful at all.

And also, it's 22 days left till Oerol with my friends, yay! I'm looking forward to that.
Though, 12 - 16 Oerol, then I get back and the 17th I already have to be in Rotterdam to work on the danceproject, till.. the 26th of juni. So... that's kind of busy and a lot. But I should be okay, yes.

I'm so human, yea-yea
It's okay, yea-yea
For me to, feel this way, yea-yea
Doesn't it feel much bettah-aha,
when you've got a better day, than yesterday?

I especially like the yea-yea of course :p Dont' tell me Lady Sovereign ain't cool. Listen to Adidas Hoodie, So human or her first song which title I forgot.. Love me or hate me orsomthn.

Oh, now iTunes lets me listen to Calvin Harris. He's awesome too.

I'm reading Alice in Wonderland now. There's really no rope to knot at that story ;-).
X Fleur

ps. are you following me on Twitter yet? maaahahhahahahahaha manical laughter always works I say.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Droevig hé : (

    Ik kan me niet meer herinneren hoeveel honden katten gerbils en schildpadden in al heb begraven maar het went nooit...

    Ik hoop dat je je deadlines haalt.

    ps: Lady Sovereign is cool ; )

    pps: volgens mij is het
    "there is neither rhyme nor reason in it" of zoiets XD



  2. Ja klopt, neither rhyme nor reason, maar het Nederlands verbutsen naar het Engels verschaft me zo veel plezier ;-)

    Het went nooit inderdaad. Maar, gelukkig niet.

    fijn weekend :)