zaterdag, mei 22

The Early Bird

Awwwwww ain't this cuuuuuuuuuuute!? My eldest (is eldest and oldest both right?) sister sent me these pictures today, it's of the finale of the Kunstbende competition. Where I still had short (o.k. now it's even shorter) brown hair (dyed brown, mind you, I've got the most boring pepper and salt hair you've ever seen)(hence the blonde).

I sang The Pirate Song and (the competition song) Oh Pete. Oh and, very cool, the guy with the camera you see on the right picture? That's Benjamin Winter. Later I found out he makes awesome music. Click his name for a listen. He told me after my performance (Sorry, need.. to.. brag,.. can't..resist wrruuaaahh( Hulk sound scream)) that he'd been taking pictures at the Kunstbende finale for a few years now, and I was the best he'd heard yet. I mean, that's cool, right? I thought it was cool.

I remember that day quite well (though I can't remember what the date was..). And the thing I remember the most, is that I was (pisnijdig) not satisfied with my 3th place. (Which does not mean the same as: I believed I was best and had to be first) (no.)
3th place meant nothing to me, it was only until later that I could see it as something nice. But that took a while.

When I heard my name for 3th place, my friend Rosa immediately jumped me screaming and hugging, and I was like.. right.. okay.. nice..
And then I had to get through the crowd, up on the stage, seem happy about taking my flowers, prize and kisses (or weren't there any kisses? I can't remember). Though I wasn't.

Luckily I am over that now. I'm so happy I entered that competition 2 years ago (oh dowg, how many stuff happened in only 2 years).

So, here's the lyrics of a song I improvised a while ago (thank goodness I recorded it on my phone else I would've forgotten it completely).

I'm so happy I've been born,
How else could we have met?
I'm so happy I've been born,
but opinions might differ on that

I'm so happy you've been born
And I will never forget
I'm so happy you've been born
'cause how else, could we have met?

And all the flowers, and all the trees
and all the birdies, and all, and all the bees
They're so happy you've been born
They're so happy we've met
They're so happy you've been born
and my opinion doesn't differ from that

And I'm so happy I've been born
'cause how else could we have met?
I'm so happy I've been born
But opinions might differ on that

Ok. so, it almost makes me vomit sometimes. But I still like it.
Anna Applecheeks

ps. Iedereen bedankt voor de comments op eh.. niet de vorige maar die daarvoor (?) blog. :-) Soothing als een zomerbriesje.

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