vrijdag, maart 4

Norwegian Wood

I just bought the book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.
I've been wanting to read this for such a long time now! And finally I found it in the bookshop here in Enschede. After some long searching for the 5th Earth Children book in another bookshop (they didn't even have it!! NOOO I need it!! It's the last! I need to know how it eeeeendssss!!!) though.

And then, after reading, I could even go watch the movie of course! Well isn't that swell. Super swell. Awesome. Yes.

So ready for the weekend! Though I haven't done what I should've done this week.. I just need to kick my ass and keep up with practising everything all day everyday all week every week. I need to keep up with solfege, sight reading, playing piano, singing lessons, vocal techniques, notationlab.. it's just soo much.. pfew. I'll be able to do my notationlab in the train tomorrow, luckily, but all the other things.. they're just not do-able in public :)

Anywwwaaayy I'll be going to my sister tomorrow, to Rotterdam! For some chatting and coffee and lunch, and then I'll be off to Amsterdam, to see Rosa! We'll be doing some partying and of course also lots of being absolutely ridiculous. Which is not correct English.

Kung Fu Panda is AWEOMSE.
X nice weekend geys

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  1. http://urlinformatie.nl/www.1tpony.blogspot.com kijk eens even naar hoeveel jou blog waard is madame, wooohoooo, tijgertjetastisch.

    veel plezier in zowel Rotter en Amster dam.