donderdag, april 28

Come on

baby let's start walking.

We're having projectweek, with all kinds of workshops. Yesterday one about Buma/Stemra, they 'make sure' you are getting money when you're being played somewhere or when you perform somewhere, sort of. Anyway, that was really interesting. And after that, we had a 'feedback hour' from the same guy, really cool! Not only to get a new perspective (and a publisher's perspective) on my song, but also to hear stuff of my fellow songwriters. Really nice :) And then yesterday afternoon we had another lecture, from a guy who's working with one of the largest entertainment bureaus in Holland. His company managed the Idols winners, and some popstar or x-factor winners.. I guess he was hired in to scare us, since he was only talking about how difficult it is to 'break through' and that every musician needs to wake up. Especially the Idols finalist stories were a bit harsh. But well, it was nice to listen to, and that's it.

Oeh, and, tuesday, we had BKS (critical professional situations?). I had to pick 2 songs, and make 2 leadsheets before tuesday. Then tuesday morning we were placed in bands (I got a bassplay, a guitarist and a drummer, all from my own year). I picked Kiss with a fist (Florence + The Machine) and Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis the Pelvis ofcourse!). Then "they" chose one of the 2 songs, and I only got to know which when I got up on stage. It was Elvis, and it went well! No mistakes or anything at least ;)

What an overload of words right :)

Ohh I'll be going to Amsterdam on Queensday (well I'll go there the day before), to hopefully do some kick ass secondhand/vintage shopping :D I loooved it so much last time I went. And then last year, I couldn't go, because I was in France.. but France was nice too of course ;-)

Well.. I am going to finish my toast, with cheese, mmm :) and then am.. I dont know.
Later x

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