dinsdag, mei 10

Ha ha ha ha stayin' alive!

I always thought they sang 'Stena liiiiine!' because we always went to the UK with the Stenaline boat company.

Anyway, pfoo long time no post! I had my holiday.. it was nice! Did lots of practicing.. but actually only on 2 songs, and a bit on a 3th which I've kind of finished. The Sharks, Lady by the River, and ..... still titleless (the one about how you cannot find love on the pavement)
And I uploaded the video of The Sharks!

I like to play it :) I'm also doing it with bandlab at school, ánd I will play this with my 2nd and final exam for this year (along with probably, Lady by the River). So kiiiinda exciting.

I had Queensday! Which was awesome! Got to see my homies and party with them, and do some fleamarkets! Boughts some nice book, an ugly-fitting skirt, a nice dress and a terrible not-tuned xylophone which looks super cute because it has goldfish.

Then I went to Frieslaaaannd.. to my dad, and one of my sisters also came! Which was really gezellig, and we played and sang a lot. Then I went to my mums, chilled, played piano, went to see a sweet homie a day later, cycled back.. Got invited to a.. Liberation-day-festival? Saw 2 awesome concerts of Billy Benton and The Birddogs. Became kind of really anti-social because I ditched them then because I ran into the ex-boyfriend and his friends, and it was so nice because it was kind of just like before, except for that we weren't a couple of course.

Oh, and our neighbors' house was on fire.. which was a bit scary but luckily nobody got hurt!
Had a nice week and weekend.. then went back, ate with a classmate, watched Into the Wild (finally! Go watch it! It really is a good movie).... aaaaand then it was monday. And now it is tuesday. Back to life, back to reality.. sigh...


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