dinsdag, november 20

Crazy little thing called love

It's okay because you know. And I know. And I know you know, and you know I know. But still.

First, I feel the need to excuse since about all my blogpost here or on my Dutch one, are about this guy you see above. I feel the need to excuse because I think people probably think it's annoying when someone blabbers about love and stuff all te time.

BUT FUCK YOU! no okay, kidding.
But still, it's my blog. Yeah. Say it gurrrrrl. Awww snap!

(By the way, sorry, Tom, if you're reading this and don't like the picture. But it's really cute and you're handsome.)

The thing about love is, I knew it was great, and could make you feel as if you're on a cloud. But what I didn't know is, that it could make you feel like that all the time (of course, I feel sad once in a while, but I mean this in relation to love and the person you love).
I knew I could love someone but apparently, not that you could know/feel 100% sure you belong with someone, want to spend the rest of your life with someone. And let me be honest, while typing this, somewhere a little voice screams into my ear "you never know! maybe it'll end!! and then you said this out loud and you were wrong!" but well, if I am wrong, let me be wrong. There's nothing wrong with being wrong. I just wanted to say this out loud (yeaaahhhh write it, whatever, shutty!).
I wanted to share this, because it feels so special feeling this, feeling like this.

And because people in love want to talk about why and with who they're in love with I guess.
I can't wait to see him Thursday and give him so much kisses!
We're going to live together and I can't wait. It's gonna be legen.. wait for it..

Love, (see! I'm just totally love-crazy!!)

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  1. You just gave me butterfliess, ladybugs and crazy catterpillers all up in my stomach and everything. My blood feels bubbly, like a sugary drink, but in a good way. I'm just trying to make images of the feeling I get but I know it's near to impossible. Oyeah, it's gonna get romantic!
    And yes it's an english reply (which you didn't ask for, and you're probably sleeping so you'll get this in the morning) because well, english is grooovy ain't it?

    I was going to go to bed, I was júst going to check my facebook, and my e-mail, and hell, why not check my super hot girlfriends blogs to see if she has any new writings online (which I love so much, you know you do you!) and there it is, my sleepy face with one eye nearly popping out as it seems, but damn. I think I fell in love with you for the third time today. And I really feel like keeping that up. Falling over and over in love with you until we're old and stuff, driving around in our little hover car. I know how weird it is when people say 'i know how you feel' because well usualy, they just don't, because they're not you, but I think I do. I really think I do. We'll never know how long it'll last, but as you said so wisely, there's nothing wrong with being wrong. I can't wait to get our little house, let's go hunting soon!

    Thanks so much for the lovely words. I'm gonna cry from happiness a bit, get in my bed, cry a bit more, text you how much I loved your blog post, and then fall asleep like a little baby.


  2. Aaaaaaaw, so sweet :)

    I'm in love with my boyfriend too and I hope I'm loving him as much as you two love each other, but if not, that's okay too :) Have fun together and be happy!