woensdag, april 24


I have a lot of thoughts but not much to say

Tonight Tineke and I will play in Atak, for our bandcase evening. It wil be our last concert (for a while). I hope we'll both be able to relax and have fun. Instead of doubting ourselves, our skills and the opinions of other people.

I just found out Grimes (click for video). She is kind of like a female James Blake I guess. With the singer-songwriter/electronics and all. But she's alone (I don't know, maybe James Blake also performs alone? I thought not). 

I don't know yet if I like her or not, it's not easy listening or something. Weirdish electronic music. But somehow I like her only for being alone on that stage. Like we're homeboys you know. 
wellllll........ ok.

Almost holidays. Almost back to school again. Almost my recital (it's what they call your exam in the 3th year. It's public). Almost exams. Almost holidays again then also I guess.


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