maandag, december 14


Ohh I used to loooove this book, in Dutch it's called 'Meester van de Zwarte Molen'. And in German, en English I guess, it's ' Krabat'. And so that was the name of the movie of the book.

Normally I don't like bookmovies. But this one I did like. Mmyeah okay, in the beginning I thought ' Shoot the kid, he can't act' (figuratively of course) but in the end he also was kind of good. And the Goodbye Lenin guy was in it.

Of course, I spent more time hitting pause and making the million stills than watching the movie, so here they are.

If you've read it (and liked it) watch it. The guy who plays the mill guy is really cool. And that girl is so pretty. And, haha, naked butts. They're all so dark.. well it's a dark movie.

Any movies I should watch? I'm waiting for Fantastic Mister Fox and for Where the Wild Things Are. I think they should be equally wonderful.

I should record a new yt video.. but.. I can't think of one to play..
Bye x

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