zondag, december 6

Yeah duh.

Of course I know I should've watched Pulp Fiction way before. It just never got to the point where I actually did.
But now that I did. Let's do some moviestills again. Mehehe (sounding like Pennywise (IT?)(brrr))

I went a bit still-crazy. But I'll try to narrow them down. Here my favorite images/scenes:

1. I love this scene, you just see Bruce/Butch for a whole scene, he doesn't do shit, and you here the other guys talking. Hooray for Quentin.
2. This guy reminds me of Jesus. He's so cool.
3. Come on, it's Uma, no need to say more.
4. LOVE this whole scene, but since it's all movement, this was the best I could do.
5. She looks even better after she OD'd. Hm, now I sounds like some crazy drug supporting lady. No kids. Don't do drugs.
6. Haha.
7. John looked stupid when they had the guns out. So this one'll have to do.
8. Shirts. Yea. And that guy. Yea.
9. "Which wallet?" "The one that says 'Bad Motherfucker'" . And I thought it was a joke. Seriously. Best. Wallet. Ever.

Sinterklaas anyone?

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